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OTRR is dedicated to getting inside the mind of the rodeo athlete, and showing what makes this amazing competitor continue on. Our goal is to showcase the inspiration, motivation and the determination outside of the arena and what carries them mentally to each rodeo……where motivation meets determination and the story gets told.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

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Unrealistic Goals? Brought to you by Kentucky Performance Products

Is there such a thing as... "Unrealistic Goals"? This is a question that has been running through my mind this week.. some think yes.. some goals are absolutely unrealistic.. while others believe that is not the case. I guess we all want to think in our minds.. there is nothing we CAN'T do if we work hard enough. Isn't that what we have been taught our entire lives.. don't parents say those words over and over "honey, if you put in the work, Read more »

25 Things I learned from Horses.. Brought to you by Kentucky Performance Products

LOVE Responsibility Patience #deepbreath Defeat Humility (getting thrown at a show...that will do it) Respect Hard Work #nothingworthhavingiseay Confidence No one horse is the same Be aware of your surroundings Bravery Not to care what others think #stayfocused Success Stay driven Forgiveness Emotion control Sportsmanship Companionship Horses sometimes last longer than friendships. Communication Self Esteem Read more »

Your Horses are a Reflection...

Of your work... Now, they can definitely have a mind of their own and make a fool of you time and time again.. however... lets talk about appearance.. We all know that first impressions go a long way and unfortunately in the visual world we live in "appearance" is the first thing people see. I'm not referring to "how good looking you are" I am talking about how you represent yourself. Now.. take that same logic and apply it to your horse.. Read more »