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OTRR is dedicated to getting inside the mind of the rodeo athlete, and showing what makes this amazing competitor continue on. Our goal is to showcase the inspiration, motivation and the determination outside of the arena and what carries them mentally to each rodeo……where motivation meets determination and the story gets told.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

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5 Steps to Setting Successful Goals...

Many people believe the beginning of a new year is a great time to set goals. While that is a fresh slate, I believe you can set goals anytime you feel like it. I believe in daily, weekly, monthly goals. I also believe in 5 year plans and things of that nature. I don't think "goals" or "plans" should rule your life, but I do think they are great stepping stones to getting where you need to be and helping you remain focused. 1. See It. Be It: Read more »

Keep On Keepin On....

It's brisk and rainy here today in the Bluegrass. It is days like this that can cause a hiccup in your motivation. We all have those days that hauling to the practice pen, cleaning stalls, riding three young horses, working out, etc can be overwhelming and just plain tiring. There are always going to be moments where our minds drift to thinking about what else we COULD be doing instead of the monotonous or tedious things we make ourselves do in Read more »

Top 15 Barrel Racers Horses Pedigrees headed to NFR 2014

These are the horses we show that helped secure these ladies a run down the alley in December. We will continue to update this list between now and the National Finals Rodeo, to add backup horses and any changes. Lets take a look at the Top 15 Horses that go the Barrel Racers to the NFR this year:  1. Kaley Bass and  Wonders Cowboy Dan: 2. Fallon Taylor and Flos Heiress aka BabyFlo: 3. Lisa Lockhart and An Oakie With Cash, aka Read more »