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OTRR is dedicated to getting inside the mind of the rodeo athlete, and showing what makes this amazing competitor continue on. Our goal is to showcase the inspiration, motivation and the determination outside of the arena and what carries them mentally to each rodeo……where motivation meets determination and the story gets told.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

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Christmas Gifts... Rodeo Style!

It is that time of year where we start buying gifts for our hauling partners, best girlfriends and family! Here are some great Christmas Ideas that work perfectly for my group of friends! You can find all of these at www.cowgirlfriend.com  Use code OTRR10 to receive 10% off! I find these amazing bracelets to be the perfect personalized gift. Britt is so talented with her one of a kind jewelry. This hand stamped jewel bracelet is $32.00. Read more »

NFR Barrel Racer Britany Diaz Checks In...

Since you have been to the NFR before, other than the highlight of running down the alley what else do you look forward to? The back number ceremony, fans, etc? We have to be in Vegas the Monday before the finals start and have lots of events leading up to the actual first performance on Thursday night. So the first run is actually what a person looks forward to the most. We finally get to do what we have worked all year long to do. We are busy Read more »

Holiday Gift Ideas

Well it is that time of year again, Christmas is right about the corner. This year has absolutely flown by and now here we are with the holidays right upon us. We are going to do a few entries in the weeks to come, showcasing some of our favorite things for Christmas. Some of them are must haves for your horses as well as your amazing hauling partners. To start things off, I want to talk a little bit about my mother. She is an amazing Southern Read more »