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OTRR is dedicated to getting inside the mind of the rodeo athlete, and showing what makes this amazing competitor continue on. Our goal is to showcase the inspiration, motivation and the determination outside of the arena and what carries them mentally to each rodeo……where motivation meets determination and the story gets told.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

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Throw Back Thursday... Hauling Stories...

Funny stories while out on the road.... It would have to be when I had a rental car, and Jason Miller didn’t know it.  He was headed to Denver with the Tillards.  Jason was driving with trailer, and I got in front of him.  I called him on the phone and then started driving slow, then speeding up, then cutting him off to pass me, the whole time talking to him on the phone, asking him what in the world he was cussing about!  He described Read more »

We Make Time....

So here we are half way through April and the season is rocking and rolling for many people. However... excuses are rolling right along as well. It's amazing when you get on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms where the excuses start appearing daily. It's absolutely one thing to have worked your hardest leading up to a show and then it not come together. Hopefully you can sit back and try to figure out what went wrong. Nerves? Read more »

How is your Bond with your Horse?

When you talk to many professional girls about their accomplishments, 9 times out of 10 they are going to give credit to their amazing equine partner. In many interviews with Sherry Cervi she always talks about the bond she has with Stingray and how blessed she is to own such an amazing horse. She knows her horse so well and it shows when they run down the alley. They are one in the same as far as a fluid team. She knows Stingray loves shavings and Read more »