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Celeb cowboy Cord McCoy puts on no airs

Cord McCoy gets his picture taken a lot.

He’s a professional bull rider, so several photographers snapped at him Wednesday in Clovis.

He’s a contestant on the reality show “The Amazing Race,” so on the flight into town, a passenger took his picture while he slept.

He gets asked to take a photo so often he has a line he uses for the occasion: “Well sure, I’d love to, but I don’t have a camera.”

He is as friendly as a bell hop, as polite as funeral music. During a 20-minute interview, he got up to open a door for someone, gave a stranger a swig of his half-empty coffee, and then offered to help a woman who was setting up a blood drive at the Clovis Rodeo Grounds.

Down to earth doesn’t exactly do him justice. This is a guy whose career is televised, who is starring on a TV show — he and his bull-riding brother Jet McCoy are one of four teams left — yet doesn’t have a TV or radio in his own house.

“I didn’t know it was that big of a deal until I told somebody I didn’t have a TV,” he says. “Now everybody asks about it.”

In his 29 years, in fact, he’s never lived in a home with cable service. He grew up in a house with two fuzzy TV channels, 10 and 12, adjustable by bent antenna. In college, he and his brother had a little TV that kept the VCR company.

“It showed all kinds of stuff,” he laughs, “you just had to hit the play button to see it.” (read more and photo credit)