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Fashion Face Off… Our girls are back and give their picks for Round 7!

AshleyOTRRNFRPlaid shirts have forever been a fashion statement in the rodeo world.  Adorn it with some bling and you have my pick for the best dressed in round 7.  Mary Walker was looking tidy in her black and white plaid which was embellished with red sequins and a cross.  Another cowgirl that has her own trademark, Mary’s happens to be the matching scarves.  Last night she wore a red scarf to match Latte’s red boots.  Her outfits are always presented with a professional touch.  Mary knows that in order to be classy but still stand out, you add a pop of color.  I’m off to cast my vote!

BrittAshley I’m right behind you! Last night in round 7 Mary Walker was lighting up the fashion world & the arena. She and Latte clocked a beautiful 13.54 rounding the barrels in her black and white plaid top with red and white embroidery and of course just the right amount of glitz. Her red silk scarf, saddle pad and matching splint boots tie her whole look together. She’s got style from her head to Lattes hooves. Everything about this team is classy!