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Fashion Face Off… Our girls give their picks for Round 10!

AshleyOTRRNFRExpecting your horse to make ten runs in the same arena and keeping the barrels up all the while asking for the quickest speed that they can give you….to most barrel racers this feat would be impossible. To Sherry Cervi, this is what she does to break records, take names and earn championship titles.  Stingray helped Sherry cinch her fourth World Championship and the NFR Average title which is with almost $48k alone!

I don’t know about you all but I giggled throughout Sherry’s whole round 10 run. I knew she would do whatever it took to keep any one barrel from hitting the dirt.  She kept it safe and still placed in the round!


Congratulations Sherry on a very well deserved 2013 WPRA /PRCA Barrel Racing World Championship!

Fallon Taylor was crowned the best dressed at the 2013 NFR and the winner of the Jerry Ann Taylor award worth $5k. Although I have heard lots of talk about Fallon’s wardrobe choices in the past ten days, one thing is for sure, she put forth a huge effort to win this award.


Fallon’s ability to be gutsy, stand out and not care what anyone thinks about it is very admirable. She keeps a positive attitude, her head up and keeps on truckin’.  Each rounds outfit was designed with a theme in mind. Fallon selected special artists to hand paint her attire. A lot if time was dedicated to ensure her glam got noticed in the arena.  And whether people loved it or hated it, it was definitely noticed!

BabyFlo and Neffy were also decked out in glitz. They were sporting Gypsy Tails to match Fallon’s outfit for each night. Some nights BabyFlo even adorned coordinating blinkers!

My heart did a little pitter patter when I saw she picked leopard  to set the stage for her round 10 outfit.  Catch me at a barrel race….I guarantee you will find me with leopard on me or my horse somewhere!  😉

BrittMy pick for the best dressed during the final round of the Wrangler NFR 2013 should come as no surprise but the bold and beautiful Fallon Taylor. All 10 rounds she kept us all on the edge of our seats wondering what she will wear next?!? Sometimes a little over the top but never wavering for her choice of attire. She owns every bit of what she wears. From her crazy tie dye pants to her custom hand painted hats by, Glam & Grit.


A very wise woman once said, “Fashion passes, style remains.”― Coco Chanel, and Fallon definitely has her unique style. Saturday night she wore a stunning leopard print cowgirl hat from Charlie 1 Horse, black western shirt and matching jeans, all of course decked out with rhinestones and leopard Fluer De Lis. She’s got class, style and can ride with the best of them.

Congratulations to Fallon Taylor for receiving the 2013 Jerry Ann Taylor Award!