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Fashion Face Off.. Our girls pick their Fashion Favorites in Round 2 of Barrel Racing

AshleyWhylandFashionWhen someone asks me what my favorite color is they may be a bit surprised…..BLACK!  To me, there is nothing more classy than a little black dress, a crisply shaped black cowboy hat or a black button down shirt with a splash of color.  Did I mention that I love black because it’s makes you look skinnier?  😉 I mean all girls love that right?

Michele McLeod and the black stallion Slick By Design found their groove last night in Round two to take back to their hotel the 2nd place win.  I thought the pair put together a flawless run in the first round but the fire just wasn’t there.  Boy did they light it up last night!

Michele brought a package of classic glamour into the arena yesterday evening which is why she would be my pick for the best dressed for round two. The glittery blue on top of black was a perfect match for Slick’s tack.  The shirt had a beautiful swirl and almost retro design on the collar and cuffs.  She paired that with the black hat, boots and belt (and of course horse!) to fly out if the arena looking very classy.

I asked Britt Burke, the gorgeous woman behind Rusty Spur, to give me her pick for best dressed in round two. Britt come on, you picked Michele right!?!

PS:  Go Sherry and Stingray on your back to back go-round wins!




BrittWell thank you Ashley, I also agree with you that black is one amazing color on a woman, it can do wonders. But my shade of black running down the alley in Round 2 was worn by a different cowgirl.

Shada Brazile brought her style to the arena looking fabulous in her black and white checkered shirt, with a touch of pink here and there on the shoulders of her top. Wearing a classy black cowgirl hat she rolled down the alley way riding her beautiful bay gelding, Dial It Fast. Shada’s blonde hair even had a touch of pink flowing through it, how cool is that! Her look was tied together with Dial It’s black and pink Relentless splint and bell boots.

Shada knows style, from modeling to teaming with Wrangler to create, “All Around Baby,” clothing line and is known for pushing the limits of fashion and in Round 2 she worked the runway of the Thomas & Mack with her edgy style. Shada may not have brought home any money last night but she was the “Best Dressed” in my book.



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