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You know what most winners have in common? They know HOW TO win. It’s an art and people who consistently win have it. They know how to prepare their horses, their mind and their environment to win. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. These champions are gonna tell ya!

I sat down with Lisa Lockhart after she took home the win at Round 9 of the 2013 National Finals Rodeo. Here she tells me how being determined and knowing your horse will set you up to win!

Being prepared out on the road is a huge key to success. Here WPRA Barrel Racer Robyn Herring gives advice on how to be prepared while out on the road.

Champion Lindsay Sears talks about making a winning run at the National Finals Rodeo in round 8 and making a run after Sherry Cervi and Stingray fell in round 6. Confidence is key when it comes to winning!

Here Fallon Taylor talks about going back to her training and even if it brings heat from the haters…stay true to yourself!

Champion Sherry Cervi knows how important it is to get in competition mode. Read about how she stops training and changes gears before the NFR.

What all these ladies have in common is the know HOW TO WIN! So many things come in to play when you reach champion status and most all of it starts at home before you ever pull that rig out of the driveway.

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