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Goal Diggers…Where you at?!?!

It is 58 degrees here this morning! I LOVE IT! I love the fall weather. It is so nice to wake up to it being crisp and cool outside! Our horses really enjoy it too. We started them back after a break and they are really starting to get fit. I love to watch a horse transform. It is my favorite part of taking care of them. I never allow my horses to get fat but there is a difference between a horse that is sedentary and one that is FIT! They feel and look different. My horse is coming back stronger than ever and nothing makes me happier. He looks forward to getting out and being ridden and hops right on the trailer when it’s time to go! Horses that are in shape have a certain pep in their step and I am seeing it with him. This morning he came down from the back field to be fed and he was running and bucking and snorting. He feels amazing! He is excited about the cooler weather and he is really hitting a higher level in his fitness. I rode him yesterday for a good while, yet he showed me this morning he certainly isn’t tired. He is loving it and I so love seeing him feeling so good. You know what, I feel the same way! When the weather starts to change and cool off I feel like a new person. When the season changes it almost feels like a clean slate! Do you feel that way? Like a new start…like anything is possible! For example, I workout all year round and I primarily am a runner but when the fall gets here…my workouts seem to have way more energy to them. I just feel so rejuvenated. I also feel that way about work. Fall/winter is our busy, busy season but I look so forward to it! Life just has a different vibe when the season changes. I think it is because so much changes when the seasons do. Different foods, different clothes, the trees and the landscape change, our days get shorter….it really does add a different feel to our lives.


I also believe it is the perfect time to recognize where we are for the year. We all set goals each year and then guess what……sometimes life happens, right? I mean, you may have accomplished everything you set out to do or maybe you just accomplished some of those things. Well….there is no time like the present to make some things HAPPEN! Get after it! Start today! I really encourage you to get excited about this time of year and enjoy it. Now is the time to finish out 2017 on a high note! We feel good about ourselves when we accomplish things. Whatever you had in mind for your year to look like…work on it now. Use this transition of a new season to get excited about the rest of the year! If there is something you want to change…change it! You’ll be so happy you started now…no need to add the goal to the list next year when you can do it now. 🙂

This Fridays email is going to talk about the one thing there is no substitute for when it comes to horses. You can’t buy it, you can’t rent it, you can’t outsource it….nothing can replace it. If you are interested, make sure you’re signed up! We have a blast with our emails and have built quite a community over the past year. Feel free to join!

Oh and we had a small change in the standings this week! Click here to see those girls and horses fighting it out to make it to the NFR!

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