Sponsored Rider Guide


Here it is! A full step by step guide to help you become a sponsored rider! I know so many riders have a ton of questions on this subject. After years of being in the equine marketing/sponsorship business, I’ve written down all the tips of the trade just for you!

This guide will walk you through the entire process. It is full of information (over 40 pages on this ONE subject!) that will help you learn how to position yourself in front of the right companies and build lasting partnerships. If you’re struggling to even know where to start or you question what to say to a potential sponsor, I’ve got you covered! It comes equipped with worksheets to help you with the process and includes examples! For the price of $19.97, this is what you can expect to learn in this downloadable eBook:


 -Why Companies Sponsor Riders
-Why Someone Would Want to Sponsor You
-Who are you?
-How to Stand Out to a Sponsor
-Attitude and Being Professional
-What is an Audience and How to Build One
-Who to Approach for a Sponsorship
-How to find the Correct Contact
-How to put together a Request/Proposal
-How to make your request standout
-Do your homework
-Product vs Money Sponsorship
-Handling Rejection
-Conflict of Interest

Learn today how to streamline this process for yourself so you can be in front of the right people at the right time! It is not hard, anyone can learn it and this guide will show you exactly how! 

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Let me introduce myself! I grew up on a cattle farm in Central Kentucky. My father was a team roper and I was “on the rodeo road” as a young kid with him. Later, I went to Murray State University where I majored in Agricultural Business. After college, I moved to Lexington, Kentucky where I started my career in the equine industry with the United States Equestrian Federation. At USEF, I moved up through the ranks to become an Assistant Director for the Breeds and Western Department. I handled the National Reining Seat Medal Finals in Del Mar, CA and was instrumental in organizing all the efforts to get the Friesian Breed recognized with USEF. I attended and helped plan the first ever Grand National Friesian Horse Show in Ontario, California.  I was a liaison to the National Western Committee, Andulusian & Lusitano Committee, National Fresian Committee and sat on the National Color Breed Council. During this time I also rode polo horses for a local polo player that played for the Lexington Polo club. I loved every aspect of learning about polo!  After five years at USEF, I left to take an Advertising Executive position at Blood-Horse Publications, where I worked with The Horse; Your Guide to Equine Health Care magazine (and started hauling my barrel horses!). I worked at The Horse for 12 years where I built relationships through advertising and sponsorships with some of the largest animal healthcare pharmaceutical companies in the world …..and then I went rogue and went out on my own and built Retro Rodeo Publishing (we own and run several websites and we are also consultants for  several businesses in the equine industry)…Bring on the fun!! – Leigh Walkup