In The Arena, Leigh/Anne Corner

Level Up Series – Round One- Introductions

This year we decided to switch things up with our content and this series is first on the list. Level Up is all about people who are moving up the levels of life and going after what they desire. Really going after their goals and succeeding with the right mindset! We are starting this series off with people who are doing awesome in business. I think anyone in the rodeo lifestyle would love to be making money while they are driving down the highway. Whether you are making money in the pen or making money behind a computer, if you can do it from the road, how wonderful!


Let’s meet the people we will be hearing from in the coming weeks!


Heather Smith – Barrel Racing Tips

I am sure many of you know Heather Smith and her successful book “Secrets to Barrel Racing Success”. Heather is going to share with us, how she started her website, how the book idea came about and what steps she took to get there. Heather is very goal oriented and a very driven person. You will learn more about her daily routine and some of the steps she took to be self-published. She goes into detail on her goals and a few of the mistakes she made along the way. Stay tuned!


Megan Arszman – Freelance Writer/Editor

If you have ever wanted to be a writer and do freelance work for some amazing publications this interview is for you. Megan has an extensive resume, working with some wonderful Equine Publications, such as AQHA Journal, APHA Journal, Horse Illustrated, Equine Chronicle and more.  You will learn all about her journey and how she stays busy in a really competitive field. If you ever wondered what its like to really multi-task, Megan talks a lot about this as well. She has a very young daughter and juggles a lot of responsibility. Stay tuned!


Ty Hillman – Prepare to Win Tv

If you have ever thought about hiring a coach to help you succeed in the arena and life, Ty Hillman’s interview is going to be one to read. Ty shares his steps on how he became a coach and how he took a leap of faith to achieve his goals. Its very obvious Ty loves helping people and he talks about how his faith in God lead him to this spot in his career. Ty goes into his daily schedule and routine and what keeps him on track. He also talks about life on the road with Stevi and working his business. Stay tuned!


Stevi Hillman – Professional Barrel Racer

We have been very fortunate to talk with Stevi on a few occasions in the past and she always does a wonderful job. Stevi goes into greater detail about how she became a professional barrel racer. She talks about strategies that work for her and a few mistakes she made in her journey. How she decided to take a leap of faith last year and run for the NFR. She also talks about how she manages her time! Stay tuned.


Leigh and I will also be doing an interview about how we created a successful online business. We start the Level Up Series next week, if you are not not signed up for our Enewsletter be sure and do so. There will be extra information about the Level Up series in the enewsletter that will not be online… so get on it!