In The Arena, Leigh/Anne Corner


How did you first get involved in Barrel Racing, tell us about your background?

I grew up in the farm country of southeastern North Dakota. My Mom had a horse as a kid and made sure I did too. I showed some in 4-H and attempted barrel racing but wasn’t able to travel and compete much because we didn’t have a truck and horse trailer. I bought my own modest rig when I was in college, then moved to Wyoming and worked my way up. I kept adding to my skills and experience, bought nicer horses (and nicer rigs), and eventually took another big step forward by moving to Texas with my husband in 2013.

A lot of entrepreneurs will tell you that it all started with an idea, tell us what brought you to the idea of and coaching? How did it all start for you?

I’ve always loved learning, which is good because initially I really had to go out of my way to soak up every bit of information I could find to improve and chase my dreams. Throughout my 20’s I spent a lot of quality time with some of the best horsemen and competitors. I learned a lot, but found that even when I seemed to be doing everything right, I was still missing the mark. When I finally started making some powerful connections with horses that made a big difference for me – I couldn’t help but think of all the other people who also worked so hard to learn and improve, only to remain stuck for years. I was compelled to share what I learned because it sure wasn’t common knowledge and a lot of it still isn’t. That’s where the idea for my first book, “Secrets to Barrel Racing Success” was born.

How did you take that idea and turn it in to a business?

With my first book, it wasn’t quite something I’d been brainstorming for too long. It almost wrote itself because I had the strong desire to give to others what took me so darn long to learn. I could empathize with the frustration horses and humans felt and this was a way to relieve that. From a business perspective I also knew it would be smart to create something once that I could share and sell forever, unlike trading hours for dollars. Of course, nothing is really “set it and forget it,” and being self-published means I’m responsible for my own marketing. But creating educational resources is scalable, there is no limit to the reach and leverage available online, it doesn’t require time spent shipping products, or on tech. support, etc. It requires no overhead and overall has just been a great fit for my personality, goals and values.

Did you know from the beginning that you would make a career out of your website/coaching or was it something that just happened over time?

It’s clear to see now the evolution leading to the launch of and my book series was a process of education, careers, experiences and business ventures that built upon each other – each one preparing me for the next. Being an author was one of probably 20 things I casually considered doing as a youngster, but slowly worked my way into only after doing plenty of other things that weren’t quite working, or weren’t in alignment with how I needed to spend my time and focus to support my barrel racing. So it’s definitely been something that slowly evolved and became clearer over time.

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