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Tell us about your background:

I grew up in Northeast CO hunting, fishing, and team roping. I attended Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX on a rodeo scholarship and received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Stevi and I got married in 2008, the same year I graduated, and I began working for a startup company called Speed’s Match Roping. After it ran its cycle, I worked for the United States Team Roping Association for three and a half years and then the National Cutting Horse Association for three and a half years. In March of 2016, I started my own coaching and consulting business and had the opportunity to be on the road with Stevi.

A lot of entrepreneurs will tell you that it all started with an idea, tell us about the idea behind Prepare to Win.

As a team roping competitor, I became fascinated with sports psychology. In high school, I read my first sport psychology type book called “The Inner Game of Tennis” which sparked my interest in mental toughness and mental training. I continued to study the topic and started discussing some of the things I learned with my friends to help them. I have always had a desire to help people. I came by it pretty honestly as my mom always talked with people and helped them through difficult times. The more I learned, the better competitor I became and it also helped me become more effective in helping people. I also started to see how the same patterns of behavior that change your performance can also help change other important parts of your life. I became committed to learning as much as I could and enrolled in some coaching curriculum’s. Finally, last year I decided to follow my heart and passion to actually make a profession out of coaching. I have felt for a few years that coaching is my God-given purpose in life and I decided to trust God and exercise my faith muscles and go for it.

How did you take that idea and turn it in to a business?
I studied a lot by talking to other entrepreneurs, listened to entrepreneurial type books on Audible, and developed a business plan. I’ve heard it said that if you talk about it, it’s a dream; if you write it, it becomes a goal; if you plan and schedule it, it becomes a reality. Don’t get me wrong, it was most definitely a huge step of faith to follow my belief that this is God’s purpose for my life, but I did not just immediately quit my job and bale off into entrepreneurship. I started setting up my business months before my last official working day.

This past year your wife Stevi, hauled to make it to her first NFR. You were on the rodeo road with her, how do you handle your business from the road?

It was a bigger challenge than I thought it would be. I am very fortunate to be able to work as long as I have cell phone service and an internet connection, but it is surprising how many places we traveled through that do not have one or the other… or either! Our first big trip to Nevada and California rodeos in the spring was a wakeup call. I had absolutely no internet service in Logandale, NV so I had to go to the next town over and bum wifi from the local McDonalds for several hours each day we were there.

Also, when I am coaching, I am fully focused on the person I am talking with on the phone and do my best to eliminate distractions. I also try to be by myself to give the client privacy so they know our conversation is confidential. We traveled so much and our schedule was so unpredictable because it could change in a moment based on how Stevi did so it made scheduling calls really difficult. Also, when I finally got to hang out in one sport for a day or two, I felt like resting, but that usually wasn’t an option so it forced me to focus on becoming healthier by eating more energizing foods, exercising to feel better, and conditioning myself to get by with less sleep.

Your business model, is clearly a business that can be done from anywhere, was that part of the appeal?

As I mentioned, I love working with people so I would have certainly followed that path regardless of the business model, but it definitely made it much more convenient. It allows Stevi and I to have careers that are very meaningful to us without the sacrifice of being apart all the time.

Stay tuned for more from Ty next week!

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