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WPRA Barrel Racer Kendra Dickson… I am very blessed to have Dover in my life…


Kendra, we know you and Dover are such a great team, tell us what makes you two click?

Thanks!  I like to joke about Dover and say that he is a little bit country and a little bit o rock-n-roll.  Dover was a reject cow pony and I bought him as a barrel prospect in 2007.  His cowhorse foundation and big whoa combines perfectly with his natural born speed to make the ideal horse for me.

What style of horse do you like and why? (push style, free runner, etc)

I look for horses who are equally balanced movers with free running ability, as well as rate. I want a freestyle horse across the pen and one who knows how to rate and collect themselves through a turn. I target horses who already have a strong foundation of training from day one. When a horse understands “whoa”, can stop and turn around on a loose rein, then I’m confident that they will be a good match for my program.

You have had a wonderful success with Dover, what win stood out the most in your mind and why?

I feel very blessed to have Dover in my life. There have been many great wins and memorable rodeos, but the one day that stands out in my mind the most, was our first pro rodeo trip together. I drew morning slack in Sherman, TX. Dover didn’t have a clue what was waiting for him past the alley. He just ran like a maniac and bounced off of all three walls. We actually pulled our first check that morning and went on to win our second pro rodeo that evening in Palestine, TX. He still didn’t have a keen appreciation for how to handle himself in a turn, but plain and simple, he was able to get the job done. We continued to win and place at the next four pro rodeos that we entered. That was a dream come true and solidified in my mind that Dover was born to be a champion.



Being on the road is difficult, what motivates you to keep going?

Great question!  Personally, I need a lot of motivation.  By nature I have always been timid and fearful of making wrong decisions.  So it took several years for me to embrace the idea of pushing for the NFR with everything I’ve got.  I am blessed to have a team of close friends and family to encourage me.  We also are on a mission to “Rodeo For A Reason” and help people through what we do.  This keeps me going!  Because doing all this for myself is too exhausting and incredibly taxing on my family.  I like that I can make a difference in my world and contribute to a bigger purpose.


Here at OTRR we have heard about the auction for Sadie, tell us how this started and what you hope to accomplish? Tell us about Sadie?  

I learned about Sadie Coogler via facebook.  I saw a cute picture of her that was taken at a Christmas parade in December and thought oh what a cute and happy little girl!  Next thing I know, there are pics of her post surgery and prayer requests online.  I hadn’t a clue what had changed so suddenly, so I asked her step-mom what happened and how I could help.  After hearing about Sadie’s diagnosis and her treatment, I started committing 10% of anything I earned for Sadie.  Word spread, and Christy Loflin climbed on to help by donating her NFR saddle for a silent auction.

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**All photos provided by Kendra.