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4 Steps to Find Your Motivation


Well spring is finally almost here and for many people that means jumping back into riding and hauling. Sometimes coming off the winter can be so exciting you have all the motivation in the world. Other times it can be hard to find your motivation knowing you are maybe not where you want to be, because of weather, injuries, or life circumstance.

Here are 4 steps to keep you motivated toward your goals.

1. Start Small: Don’t try to do it all in one day. Sometimes we want everything so fast, because we are impatient we don’t realize we are burning ourselves out. If you are just getting back to riding you don’t have to “ride everyday, for X amount of time” Go out there and enjoy the experience. The more you enjoy it, the more you will be motivated to continue.

2. Do Not Procrastinate: When you procrastinate you are taking the time to talk yourself out of the task. Just go do it and get it done! Sometimes we allow our minds to talk us out of something we actually enjoy. You may hate scraping the mud off of your horse to go ride, but once you get them saddled and are out riding you enjoy it. So just go do it!

3. Track Your Progress: Write it down in a journal, put pics on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever. Tracking your progress is something I love to do. I can look back and see when I was the most dedicated, when my motivation was at is highest point and that motivates me even more. I use my IG account as my journal, it isn’t there for anyone else but me. #myjournal

4. Remember the Benefits: Always think about the benefits of what you are doing. If you want to compete in 2 months then you need your horse in shape. Do you want to be competitive or go unprepared and be disappointed? There is a reason why you set out on this journey, so remember the benefits of staying motivated and following through.

Anne Walkup – OTRR

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