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Barrel Racers on Fire: Katelyn McLeod Part 2



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How do you keep yourself and horses fresh for competition?

We try to get lots of rest, any down time we try to find pens to let them lay down and get to move around. We have some of the BEST treatment products that help as well. We use the P3 machine and Silver Horse Care breathing machine every other day, or more if the time allows, and it has helped all three of our horses from getting sore and keeping their lungs open with no infections. We customized a trailer with Featherlite that is better suited for the horses to have a smoother ride, and is so comfortable for mom and I to stay in. We have also joined with Hidez and really enjoy the ice boots that we are able to use while hauling and it makes it so easy after a run to put them on and ice on our way to another rodeo or some where we are going to stay. The suits are handy to have for the long hauls and the recovery time after the runs. The Aculife patches ( help BOTH mom and I and the horses! We are able to patch the horses for any soreness and help with breathing, and mom and I can use them for more energy and when we get body sore.

What is your warm up routine?

I warm Skye up by starting with trotting, I trot for some time to warm up her muscles, then I make her lope. She does not need much of a warm up but just to make sure she is moving how I like for her to, which is smooth, forward motion and doing what I ask. I really like Skye to be on her butt so when I stop her I make sure she is getting back and stopping on her butt. I will do some drills on her to make sure she is planting her back foot and moving her body around. After I am warmed up I will go and sit somewhere until it gets closer to our run so she is able to relax, before our run I trot off and stop her again to make sure she is listening.

Who would you say is your rodeo idol?

I really look up to my mom and the different situations she has been put in and overcame. I have met so many different people while being on the road that I look up to for so many things such as their drive, dedication, who they are as a person, and what they represent.

Looking back on this year so far.. what is the most valuable lesson you have learned?

My mom and I have a joke that the number one lesson for rodeoing is to have a map and know where states are. Haha there are times when you think your drive is shorter from one rodeo to the next and there might be a state, or two, that are forgotten when thinking about the route. I have also learned how to be a better at multitasking while on the road, there is so much going on that needs to be handled and dealt with all at the same time.

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