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Barrel Racers on Fire: Meghan Johnson Part 2


If you missed part one with Meghan, please read it here. 

How do you keep yourself and horses fresh for competition?

I try to get in the arenas before the rodeo to work on flexing and keeping them loose. The main thing I try to do is keep my horses off grounds where they can have big pens and get some rest. I believe when my horses can lay down and roll in their pens all night they feel better.

Do you use any alternative therapies (BOT, PHT, CHIRO)?

I have almost every therapy machine I can fit in my trailer. I have Silver breathing treatments, P3, Thermotex blanket, Equimassage, and Back on Track products. I have soft rides for my horses for when it’s rocky or when they park us on the pavement. I like to use the Sore No More on my horses legs and shoulders to draw out inflammation after I run.

What is your warm up routine?

I don’t warm my horses up too much, just enough to get their muscles stretched out and warm. I like to long trot a lot and get their heart pumping, do some roll backs along the fence and get the hind end working. Then I add a bit of speed to get them woke up and aggressive.

Who would you say is your rodeo idol?

I have a few idols in this sport, you can’t just have one after meeting so many. When Nellie got hurt I really got to see the women who have good hearts. I will always thank April Denny my director who told me to call Nancy Hunter to find a horse. By the time I called Nancy she was just fixing to call me because she had found me two horses to try. I flew out, tried these two great horses from my friend, Kim Schulze who is an amazing barrel racer and awesome lady. She came with me for a week to be my coach. There were also many girls who offered me their horses, Sydni Blanchard and Jana Bean were two. Jana has been so helpful and supportive to me this year, she gave me a pep talk at Cheyenne that I will always remember and be thankful for. All these women are my idols because they were there for me in one of the hardest moments of my year.

Looking back on this year so far.. what is the most valuable lesson you have learned?

I have learned this year that it’s not the money or the buckles that make a year, it’s the relationships you get to build with people. You are surrounded by the same crowd of people along this road and it’s so much easier with good relationships with the good hearted people. I have made lots of new friends and I’m excited for next years adventures already.

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