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“I have the BEST tribe!” “Squad Goals!!”

This seems to be the terms that the kids are using today to describe their circle. Songs are written about it, memes are made about it….tribe, squad, friends, circle, group, etc. Whatever you call your “gang” these days, let’s put it this way….your “tribe” is a game changer!

Last night, I had some friends over. I guess you could say, part of my “tribe” came to the house. We all talked for hours over countless cups of tea (I’m addicted to hot tea!) about our paths in life, what journeys each of us are on and what is important in our lives right right now. When the evening was over, I was literally bouncing off the walls!! I felt energized, I felt so happy that I had a group that I could 100% be myself with and that they help me grow, learn and be a better person. THIS is what a “tribe” should do for you. We all go thru phases in life, our journey’s are definitely going to change and so will the people that you lean on or that you choose to be around. The people I have in my life are the ones that I put there and KNOW they have my best interest. It is OK to take an inventory of your relationships and make decisions on who you keep around and who to let loose. In fact, I completely encourage you do this. It’s YOUR life and you need to make sure the people that are in your inner circle are are uplifting you, not holding you down. I went thru this almost a year ago and made major changes in my relationships and I could NOT be happier. Sometimes you gotta make some tough choices to make yourself happy……………that is ok!! Remember that!


Ok, so what does this have to do with barrel racing? I’ll tell you…your horse is a HUGE member of your tribe. Your horse is either going to uplift you, make you happy, make you excited about life…..or do the EXACT opposite. When you get on your horse are you connecting or are you fighting? Do you get done after a ride excited about what you accomplished or are you frustrated because you are getting no where? Evaluate that relationship! Just like every person doesn’t belong in your “squad,” every horse doesn’t either. I can tell you this from experience. Trying like hell to make a horse fit in to a program over and over again is flat exhausting. I certainly wish I had some of the time back I have wasted on horses that did NOT want to be a barrel horse or just didn’t fit me. I think people see it as a failure in themselves if they can’t get a horse going a certain way. It’s not! Life’s too short, let it go. Just like Stevi Hillman spoke about in her first part of the Level Up Series, she talked about surrounding yourself with people that have had the success you want and people you want to be like (read here). I have done that and my relationships have changed drastically. I quickly found out, I was not around the right people in my life and changed that pronto! She spoke about not letting a horse drag you down and if it isn’t the right fit, move on. Uh, do this…..if you have tried and tried with a horse and it isn’t working, cut that horse loose. Horses are supposed to make us smile 90% of the time, not cry 90% of the time. I’m not saying there won’t be tough days, that is a given but tough days shouldn’t be the majority!

So as you keep moving in the year, I encourage you to take stock in your relationships with your inner circle and your horses. As horse people, they really do determine a lot of our happiness. We should exude happiness when we are with our tribe of horses and friends. If you aren’t…it’s time to make some changes.

Remember change is scary but 9 times out of 10, it turns out it is exactly what we need!!

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Ok, I’m off to spend some time with my happy horse tribe. Peace!