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Dreaming of making the National Finals Rodeo? These NFR Qualifiers offer up some advice!

If you barrel race then it can be assumed that you have thought about running down the alley at the Thomas and Mack in December! Most barrel racers dream about making the NFR. Well, these ladies did and I asked them what advice they would give someone that wanted to chase their National Finals Rodeo dreams…here you go:

NFR Qualifier Kellie Collier’s advice is:

“I would tell anyone that is trying to make the finals that it is 90% mental game. You have to be mentally tough to be able to go through the highs and the lows with a level head. I would also tell anyone to listen to any advice from the girls that have been there and done that. Do not be afraid to ask questions!”

NFR Qualifier Kathy Grimes says:

“Never give up! Have plan A, B, & C and just keep working at it- improve whatever needs to be worked on to further you towards your goal.  Ask people who have been there so you can learn from their experiences.”

NFR Qualifier Tillar Murray’s advice is:

“I have always been a perfectionist and extremely critical of my self. While it has often pushed me to work harder and try harder, it has also been self defeating at moments. I have learned that while you can still be critical of yourself, you must always have a deeper self confidence that you can overcome any of your weaknesses. Never limit yourself by your present ability or present condition. You never know when the right horse or opportunity will come along that will allow your abilities to shine.”

NFR Qualifier Hailey Kinsel would tell someone to:

“Make sure you have the horse(s) to go on.  Give yourself the best chance you have to win by going to the rodeos your horse will do best at.  Develop the mental resilience of a Navy Seal, because you will need it.  Your horses come first, and you come second, but take care of your body, because you need to be healthy to perform as well.  Always be proactive so that when a problem occurs, you’re ready to solve it.  Lastly, trust God’s plan and timing, and follow His direction, and you will be successful.”

NFR Qualifier Taci Bettis says:

“Never give up. Keep at it even on the rough days. Your hard work will pay off. I count my blessing everyday for this opportunity.”

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