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Enjoy The Ride


Anne and I were out the other night riding. Normally when we ride, we walk together out in to the pasture and then split up and start long trotting/conditioning each of our horses. This night, we we were just leisurely walking and talking, catching up on some business stuff and talking about each of our days. We saw a skunk while we were out that was having a blast hanging out in the field. We rode over to see the neighbors heifers and let the horses talk to them thru the fence. After about 30 min, we split up and worked the horses for about 15 min and then came back together, cooled them out, all the while chatting and laughing. We got back to the barn to untack and I said to Anne that I just really enjoyed that ride. It really stuck out to me. So many times I get so caught up in the conditioning, the goals, the upcoming races, the rodeos, that I truly MISS the ride! It is so easy to let our minds go ahead in time and think about the next thing we have to mark off our to do list instead of being in the moment. I thought about that the entire time I was untacking Wheels and hosing him off and I made myself just be. Just be with him, just enjoy him, just enjoy the quientess of the barn, the simplicity of a him grazing while I spray him with fly spray. The simple act of bonding with our animals and really truly being with them and ENJOYING them. With life so fast paced and with big dreams and goals, the simplicity of enjoying the moment can get lost. Don’t lose it…enjoy the ride.

Leigh Walkup – OTRR