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Failing To Prepare.. Brought to you by Kentucky Performance Products


It’s that time of year where you can feel spring in the air! The grass has turned green, horses are slicking off and the days are longer. The perfect word to describe this time of year is “motivated”.

It is so refreshing to know you have more time than usual and you can spend it with your horses and hopefully not freeze to death!

Everyone is talking about all the Spring shows and making plans for summer and the excitement is definitely intoxicating!

However… is your motivation to load your horses up, see your friends at a show, enjoy summer nights away from home, the fun of being with your “horse friends” outweighing the first step in the process?

Is your horse even ready?!


This is the time of year, where I read things like “I had so much fun at the show, it was my first time on Blackie since last November”…. “My horse didn’t clock the way he should, but he is so fat because I haven’t ridden all winter”

Maybe that is an exaggeration.. but then maybe it isn’t!

This is the time of year to NOT be selfish, to take the time to really get your horse ready. Yes, you may miss out on things because your part of the country had a crappy winter and you had no access to an indoor arena. Well unfortunately that is life, it wasn’t your fault or your horses… so let’s not make him suffer or you suffer…

Suffer? How will I suffer? I am there to have fun with friends!

Oh you will suffer, I can assure you, because all the people that were prepared will have a much better experience. Plus later on in the summer when you horse is still sore, tired, and worn down from never getting in proper shape… you will still be suffering. So…. take a step back and take the proper time to get your horse ready. If your horse was off all winter, 2 weeks of riding will not get him ready….

Take the time, enjoy every second, bond with your horse, use everyday as a positive experience, visualize the runs you will have, know the time you put in will pay off later… and when you do get to the show you will have a wonderful time!

By Failing to Prepare You are Preparing to Fail……

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