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Hailey Kinsel takes Round 6 in the Barrels at the 2017 National Finals Rodeo

What a round! How fun is Hailey and Sister to watch? They are just such a phenomenal team and I love how Hailey lets her mare work and is such a balanced rider. I love watching this team enter the alley. So controlled and ready to work!

In 6 rounds Haily Kinsel has yet to finish worse than 4th! She has won $120,423, putting her on top of the RAM Top Gun Award standings. She’s also second in the world standings with $219,130. “I don’t keep track of numbers at all,” Kinsel said. “As far as I’m concerned, those last six runs haven’t happened, and I just have four more runs left to go this week.”

“There are a lot of good runs out there,” Kinsel said. “I didn’t have a lot of expectation coming into the NFR and our game plan is to take one run at a time. This is just like 10 separate rodeos for me.” (courtesy of the PRCA)

It came together for Tiany Schuster, and she finished second with a 13.52. That had to be a big relief to her and it will be great to see how the next few rounds go. Tiany is still leading the World, however Hailey is sitting second in the World and  first in the average and is cashing checks every night. There is only $61, 978.00 separating the two with 4 exciting rounds left to go!

It’s nice to see Tillar Murray and Taci Bettis getting checks. The rookies this year are really showing why they are at the National Finals Rodeo. Here is Round 6 if you missed it!

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Okay.. I have to say, I love Can Man! The horse Brittany has been on the last two nights, he is so nice! Loved watching them come out of the pen and up the back alley. He has such a wonderful presence and he knows he is a badass. Did you know he is a stallion? Check out his pedigree.


Full Results: 1. Hailey Kinsel, 13.49 seconds, $26,231; 2. Tiany Schuster, 13.52, $20,731; 3. Tillar Murray, 13.63, $15,654; 4. Taci Bettis, 13.72, $11,000; 5. (tie) Stevi Hillman, Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi and Ivy Conrado, 13.74, $3,667 each; 8. Sydni Blanchard, 13.77; 9. Lisa Lockhart, 13.84; 10. Nellie Miller, 13.93; 11. Kassie Mowry, 13.96; 12. Kathy Grimes, 14.15; 13. Amberleigh, 18.73; 14. Kimmie Wall, 19.10; 15. Kellie Collier , 19.50. Average standings: 1. Hailey Kinsel, 81.24 seconds on six runs; 2. Ivy Conrado, 82.29; 3. Nellie Miller, 82.56; 4. Lisa Lockhart, 82.80; 5. Kathy Grimes, 83.39; 6. Tiany Schuster, 84.13. World standings: 1. Tiany Schuster, $281,108; 2. Hailey Kinsel, $219,130; 3. Stevi Hillman, $199,619; 4. Amberleigh Moore, $198,922; 5. Nellie Miller, $188,768; 6. Kassie Mowry, $166,624; 7. Ivy Conrado, $151,290; 8. Taci Bettis, $140,446; 9. Kathy Grimes, $139,555; 10. Lisa Lockhart, $138,397; 11. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, $138,327; 12. Tillar Murray, $118,443; 13. Sydni Blanchard, $108,131; 14. Kellie Collier, $97,569; 15. Kimmie Wall, $86,294.