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Hailey Kinsel takes Round 9 of the Barrel Racing in the 2017 National Finals Rodeo

Round 9 did not disappoint!!

Hailey and Sister came back to win the round! Hailey is having an incredible Finals with having won 146,654! This makes for three go round wins for the dynamic duo.

“Sister’s kind of like that,” Kinsel said. “She doesn’t always make the prettiest run ever, but she always shuts off the clock. I don’t really know how, but it’s really fun when I make a really good run because then we can be really fast. I had some mistakes in there. I mean, I felt like I had to work at that run a little bit, but she definitely clocked.  It’s absolutely thrilling,” Kinsel said. “Just like anybody would want to, you want to finish on a strong note. I did have some trouble in the middle there, so I’m really glad that I could salvage that and fix it and do better tonight.”

Tiany Schuster leads the barrel racing world standings with $285,339, while Nellie Miller is in first place in the average and third place overall with $241,229.

Nellie is having an amazing Finals and really has been the epitome of consistency. I know I’ve said it almost every round but she and her mare are really something to watch. I love that she is now sitting first in the average after taking second in Round 9! If she maintains first in the average it pays $$67,269.23.

Taci Bettis threw down a strong run last night, her horse is really working! My favorite part of Taci’s run is seeing how happy Tammy Fischer is in the alley. You can tell Tammy is one of Taci’s biggest cheerleaders.

Several of the ladies pulled out different horses last night. Stevi Hillman pulled out “Baby Flash,” Imafrenchmanprincess. Sydni Blanchard was on Jesse (Mr. Famous Jesse).

Round 10 is going to be interesting and it will come down to Round 10.

On to the FINAL night of The National Finals Rodeo!

If you missed Round 9, here it is:

YouTube Preview Image

Here are the full results: 1. Hailey Kinsel, 13.43 seconds, $26,231; 2. Nellie Miller, 13.52, $20,731; 3. Kassie Mowry, 13.66, $15,654; 4. Taci Bettis, 13.70, $11,000; 5. Tillar Murray, 13.85, $6,769; 6. Ivy Conrado, 13.87, $4,231; 7. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 13.90; 8. Lisa Lockhart, 14.0; 9. Kathy Grimes, 14.05; 10. Kimmie Wall, 14.12; 11. Sydni Blanchard, 14.21; 12. Amberleigh Moore, 18.69; 13. Stevi Hillman, 18.95; 14. Kellie Collier, 18.97; 15. Tiany Schuster, 19.05. Average standings: 1. Nellie Miller, 123.47 seconds on nine runs; 2. Ivy Conrado, 123.8; 3. Lisa Lockhart, 124.36; 4. Tillar Murray, 128.89; 5. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 129.93; 6. Hailey Kinsel, 131.78. World standings: 1. Tiany Schuster, $285,339; 2. Hailey Kinsel, $245,361; 3. Nellie Miller, $241,229; 4. Amberleigh Moore, $225,153; 5. Stevi Hillman, $199,619; 6. Kassie Mowry, $189,047; 7. Tillar Murray, $172,174; 8. Ivy Conrado, $171,174; 9. Lisa Lockhart, $156,166; 10. Taci Bettis, $151,446; 11. Kathy Grimes, $139,555; 12. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, $138,327; 13. Sydni Blanchard, $123,785; 14. Kellie Collier, $101,799; 15. Kimmie Wall, $86,294. Courtesy of the PRCA