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Happiness is Outside of Your Comfort Zone



Happy Wednesday!

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Happiness is Outside of your Comfort Zone!

One thing I was thinking about earlier this week is that my life is getting ready to go thru some really big changes. Change can be scary! My mom has always told me that my life will be one big book but will have many chapters and all chapters will be different. As I get older, I really realize how true this is. As my life takes several new twist and turns in the next couple of months, it would be very easy to get panicked. I’m choosing to not fight the old but build the new and I’m focusing on keeping that perspective. I’m super excited instead of anxious and worried. Your comfort zone is not where true happiness is. You have to reach for the stars to find it and when reaching for the stars you gotta leave your every day normal and try something different! I really believe that.

This is especially true with our horses and rodeo. I was just going back thru old videos of some of my past runs/horses and it struck up a ton of memories. It’s amazing how a video can make you go right back to that arena or coliseum and how you felt that day. Looking back, I see how much has changed over the years. The horses, many of them not here any more, the people, the arenas, the rigs, it’s all changed, every single bit of it. Nothing has stayed the same and that is life. Would I go back? Nope! Sure wouldn’t. I love where I am at now.

However, our videos will teach us so much and show us how far we have come. I can look at some of my videos and see a very confident person on some very confident horses that make pretty great teams. I can look at others and see someone so nervous I still don’t know how I even got the horse thru the pattern and in several videos……I didn’t! But the big picture here is that I wouldn’t have ever gotten to the great runs with out getting out of my comfort zone. When I look back on those videos of my horses ducking because I am so nervous there was no way I could even guide him, or my horse barely getting out of a lope and I thought we were flying, I know it is because of THOSE runs that pushed me to get to the good ones!

One of the videos is of me years ago at my first exhibition EVER. I grew up with roping horses and then went on to ride polo ponies so this “exhibition stuff” and barrels was new to me. I loped the first and he headed to the second and then he just decided he was done and was headed back to the trailer. I got him stopped and made him do the pattern but I was MORTIFIED. Actually, mortified doesn’t accurately explain it. HAHA! I guess the good thing was that I didn’t know ONE person so no one cared and I learned later…no one cares anyway. My point is, even though I wanted to just GO HOME, I kept hauling. I kept going and that is what you have to do! We eventually mastered the exhibition! Thankfully! HA! We went on to be a great team and now he is making some little girls dreams come true. I took that horse WAY out of his comfort zone and he took me WAY out of mine, but I wouldn’t trade one of those memories for anything. NOT ONE. All the times I was scared, shaking, in over my head, defeated and way out of my element…not one time. Just think of what I would have missed had I not kept truckin on! I would have missed out on so much LIFE!

I watched an interview with Tony La Russa recently (former St. Louis Cardinals manager and professional baseball player) and he said “I make my players feel the pressure, the more you feel it, the more you learn about yourself.” I totally agree with this. Keep stepping out of your comfort zone and eventually you’ll get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s a learned skill and I think a true competitor has to learn it.

All people deal with anxiety and nervousness and being uncomfortable or scared. All people! That includes Champions. They just know how to channel that energy for their benefit and one of the ways to do that is to learn how to handle the situations that scare us! Right? So, work on it and try hard to learn it and keep putting yourself out there. That is key! KEEP.PUTTING.YOURSELF. OUT. THERE!

Don’t Stop. EVER!

Till Next time!


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