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Hauling Healthy… NFR Cowgirl Shada Brazile


When did you decide fitness needed to be a part of your life?

Fitness has always been a part of my life, growing up we always played sports from running track to basketball. Our family was a very active family from just playing with each other outside to playing tag, etc. We were never sitting around we enjoyed being active.


Today I am a runner, I started running about 15 years ago and I just love it. I guess you could say it is my addiction.  When I go out for a run, I don’t pick a distance or a time, I just go on feel and I am always surprised at how far I can go. Depending on how much sleep we get, how we fuel our bodies, it is amazing what we can physically do. Just like our horses, they are much more capable of going distances than we think they are, I think we are the same way. The level of satisfaction once you complete your run is wonderful. You may feel tired or in pain while you are running, but the feeling once you finish is amazing. That feeling of relief sticks with you all day.

How do you fit working out and fitness into your schedule while on the road?

The great thing about running is you can do it anywhere. While on the road it is very easy to go for a run. There is no excuse as to why you can’t work out while on the road. I will go for a run and most all rodeo arenas have bleachers, so I will run the bleachers and then do tricep dips. My nature is pretty competitive, many times I will run a 5K on a Saturday morning at a rodeo. There are many venues that have road races with the rodeo, so it is nice to get in a competitive run.


My kids work out with me quite often, I don’t make them do anything but they see me working out and think it is fun. (Calgary at the hotel gym, and running bleachers at Clovis)

Do you follow a certain nutrition plan, gluten free, low carb, etc?

I try to eat clean, sometimes it is harder on the road then when we are at home, however I do not eat any fried foods.  I eat a lot of veggies, grilled chicken and steak and I recently gave up bad carbs. I am gluten free and try to eat very clean to feel my best.

What does working out do for you in the arena?

I believe working out keeps your core strong and helps you to be able to sit your horse properly. This is all very important when you need to be on top of your game. If I expect my horse to perform at a top level and be in great shape, I need to expect the same of myself. It is my job to watch what I eat and be in shape as well. You have to work at both, the puzzle has to be complete.


Biking in the Everglades with Trevor, my cousin Sawyer Vest and Strans trainer, Dodd Romero and his daughter from Miami

Do you think you will do the Las Vegas Marathon?

I have always wanted to do the Las Vegas Marathon. It is during the first week of the National Finals, but I really do think I will do it one year!

Thank you Shada for being a healthy inspiration to us all!

*Photos provided by Shada Brazile.