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Some may think in today’s social media craze, it may be impossible to find motivation on social media. I spent some much time during the election hiding people on Facebook that now I don’t even know half the people on my FB feed. I also feel that FB is now for connections, business and news, so I don’t really look to FB for motivation.

Now.. I do however use my Instagram account to drive me and this is how I do it. I believe you should keep one social media outlet all to yourself. Of course FB and IG are now pushing you to “connect” with all your friends on FB, however I chose not to do that. I use my IG for my selfish reasons and it has ZERO to do with what my friends on social media are doing. The reason for this is we spend so much time online, aimlessly scrolling through our phones and thru our social media channels. Scroll, scroll, scroll, past updates of stuff that we either roll our eyes at or think how stupid it is that someone put that on FB etc. I decided when I got on IG that I was ONLY going to follow people that had the same interest as me.

So I made a list of a few things I was passionate about at the time and that was barrel racing, paleo lifestyle, running and fitness. Immediately I logged onto IG and searched those three hashtags and 1000’s of photos came up. I looked at pages of people that I found neat and those are the pages I followed. Not one page I followed was anyone I knew, however on those mornings I got up and decided to check IG, all the post on my feed were totally positive. From recipes I can make to workouts I can do to gym classes I want to take. Now.. the good thing is when our passions change we can easily UNFOLLOW those pages and find ones that suit our motivation. My passions changed and I know follow a flexible dieting and macro style eating plan. So I went and changed it all on my IG and I not find motivation from other pages.

I really think if we are going to spend time online, atleast have one outlet that is moving you in the right direction. Honestly I don’t need my entire feed on IG to be all the people I follow on FB, 9 times out of 10 the updates are the same anyway. I encourage you to take the time to put online motivation above online drama. Your life will be so much better for it. Get out your pen, write down words that describe your passions, your goals, your dreams and get to designing an IG account that will visually motivate you!

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