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Ideas for Decorating Your Living Quarter Trailer



Let’s Decorate!

I’m in the process of moving and redecorating my new house. I’m getting my office set up as we speak and I love that moment when the painting and floors are done and you get to figure out what goes on the wall and what furniture you want. Because let’s get real, that’s the fun part!
So in the spirit of decorating, Anne and I decided that before we pull the rig out for the summer, we’re gonna redo some things in it as well!
As we start on this process I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the ideas I’ve come across that I may just have to have for the rig or the house! Sometimes just the smallest additions or little details can make all the difference!
So…… they say……….Happy Shopping!
Ok, for one..I love this little gadget and……..uh its turquoise!  Does anyone have this in their trailer? I think this is so cute!
For my office, I’m currently redoing a chair for my clients to sit in. The cushions will be the tooled leather and then I found some turquoise tacks to put down the sides. This would be super easy to do in a horse trailer too. I think these faux turquoise shag pillows are a super cute addition to any couch or chair!
I think it would look so cute and rustic in a LQ trailer bathroom. Its not very big (which that’s what we want in a horse trailer) and it looks like wood! Plus, uh turquoise. :).   If you stick with the turquoise theme, here are some accents for the bathroom.
I’m thinking about adding this to my office (put on the back of the chair or couch)  and it would look great on the bed or the couch of an LQ too, depending on your taste! It’s on sale! I like the one named RODEO.
I’m going to update all the kitchen cabinet handles. I’m gonna go with something like this and I’m thinking of adding them to the drawers of an old vanity I have that is going in my office.
This Serape rug…just yes…for the office or the trailer! YES!

Those are just a few of the things I have come across that I may have to have. I’ll continue to share as  I get moved and the house decorated finished. I’ll be decorating the back den next, it’s my favorite room so I’m excited to get started!
Do you like to decorate?