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If You want some Motivation…..READ THIS!!! Happy Birthday Lee Ann Rust!

As our readers know, OTRR is dedicated to motivation and determination in and out of the arena. This past week has been very crazy for OTRR trying to bring our fans some great coverage here at the NFR.

We were working late in the press room the other night when Lee Ann Rust came down to do an interview. We were so lucky to get to chat with her, because honestly, when it comes to determination… this woman has it.

We asked Lee Ann…We all know there are trials and tribulations in every sport and we all face them, how do you remain positive when things aren’t going the way you had hoped or prepared for?

“I have faced that here at the NFR, because we started off really good the first couple of rounds, and then things just sort of started falling, down, down and down. The way I look at it, it has been my dream to be here for 50 years, I am fulfilling a 50 year old dream and just being here is a blessing. How can you be mad when you get to run back down the alley way of the Thomas and Mack tomorrow? Those casinos downtown is not the only gambling in this town. Every time you come down the alley, or every time you nod your head you roll the dice. Any rodeo is kind of that way, but I am real particular of what I take in, because I want to be in control of how I see things.  I don’t watch TV, I don’t listen to the radio, very few songs I like, because once you break them down they aren’t uplifting. I want ALL positive, the more positive I can put in, the more positive I can spew out. I have GOT to be positive or I can’t do this. Everybody told me when I was growing up that rodeo was a mental game, and I thought it was people messing with my head, but it’s not. If your mental attitude is off by 5% that is the difference between winning a rodeo and not even placing. What you put out is what you get back, if you want good things in your life, put good things out in front of you. I try to be positive; I try to put in words right now what I expect to receive in the next 10 minutes, hour, day, week or year.”


Lee Ann your positive energy is working.. She went home with the 2nd place spot in Round 9!! Also today is her birthday…. Go get them!! Happy Birthday!!