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International Cowgirl Shannon Kerr is back….Part II!

Do you feel like U.S competitors have a misconception of barrel racing in Brazil and vice versa?

Yes, I really do.

One, I feel like Brazilians really overrate Americans. To me, many Brazilian trainers and riders here are just as good as in the United States – if not better. So I think that they should give themselves more credit. On the other hand, they do lack some technique that Americans have developed, but each year the Brazilians are getting better even about that.

I know that when some Brazilians come to USA to compete they don´t do such a great job, but a lot of times the American barrel racers are not really seeing the top hands that are in Brazil. The majority of the top hands can´t leave their job to come to USA and would not be granted a Visa by the US Government because of their financial status.

As for the Brazil side, the people here put the American trainers and riders on pedestals and really love watching them, talking to them and learning from them.


Do you feel that equine medicine in Brazil is equal to the US?
The technology and medicine is in Brazil and USA, but it’s more difficult to find in Brazil. Here the medicine is cheaper. For example, I can buy generic Adequan for $50 for a 5 week supply, but to find a really good vet, with really good equipment is far and few between.  Here in Brazil, the mentality for hock or knee injections is still pretty new. It´s being done, but a lot of trainers and owners don´t quite understand it yet. And here in Brazil there is a lot of antidoping tests. Almost every race has antidoping and the majority of the horses here in Brazil run clean, which I admire and think is nice. I had experienced this in Italy also so I was already prepped to prepare my horses accordingly.

Alternative therapies are playing a big role in the barrel industry (magnets, acupuncture, massage, etc), how are these therapies viewed in Brazil and are they being used?
As far as I know, they are not being used. I do know that there are a few swimming pools, but as far as magnets, acupuncture, etc. these therapies are not being used. And it amazes me at how great so many horses run here without these therapies.

Here in the States, we have big living quarter’s trailers and even bigger trucks, are the rigs the same in Brazil?

They have also LQ trailers and a lot of 3/4 ton Dodges and Fords. The difference is that the trailers are still made out of steel and are very heavy. It is kind of like going back in time, the trucks are new like in USA, but the trailers are like trailers you would have seen in the 80´s and early 90´s.

The trucks and trailers are getting more popular here, but still the majority of the transport is done with a big semi cattle truck (even we use this). It is a big truck used to haul cattle, but has been modified a little. I was very surprised the first time I saw horses hauled this way. Like I said, it was like stepping back in time!

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Tune in next week………much more from Shannon!


*photos posted with permission from Shannon.