In The Arena



Yes, you read that right.. even though all we do is talk about motivation and keeping focused… it actually may be time to slack off some…

What do I mean?! Not YOU!

Well this doesn’t mean you stop riding or keeping your horse in shape, it means maybe you take the “training” out of it. I often see many people get so focused on the perfect pattern, the perfect circle, moving over the shoulder, etc.. they never just let the slack out of their reins and let the horse relax. Not every ride needs to have an immediate purpose unless you want your horse to become sour. Some rides just need to be rides. Period.

Even though we all get into “over achiever” mode sometimes and want to always be working on something that doesn’t mean it is necessary. Just taking your horse our for a leisure ride is not only good for them, but also good for you mentally. Use those times on a loose rein to connect and really feel your horse. Take time in bonding and appreciating a simple ride after a long day.

Your horses doesn’t need to be on go all the time, they need to relax and enjoy the riding experience with out a long list of expectations.

So.. take the slack out of the reins, relax, breathe and just enjoy a nice ride 🙂

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