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Keep On Keepin On….


It’s brisk and rainy here today in the Bluegrass. It is days like this that can cause a hiccup in your motivation. We all have those days that hauling to the practice pen, cleaning stalls, riding three young horses, working out, etc can be overwhelming and just plain tiring. There are always going to be moments where our minds drift to thinking about what else we COULD be doing instead of the monotonous or tedious things we make ourselves do in order to be successful. Losing focus can be so easy to do. When you originally get excited about a goal you have placed in front of you, you are full of energy and passion. It is easy to hop out of bed early to “hit the ground running” to make that dream a reality. However, once the newness wears off and the day to day takes over, that energy may fade. It happens. What do you do when it happens? You remember this……anyone that is overly successful in any part of their life feels the exact same way from time to time. Guess how they handle it??? They show up anyway! They still get up early to get a ride in on their young horse before work. They still show up to the gym, even though they would love to just go home and relax. They still put in the work when that is the last thing they want to do. So basically……keep on keepin on. Show up every day, remember why you had that dream to begin with and when it gets tough… keep after it, make your dream a reality!

Leigh Walkup – OTRR