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Lindsay Sears: Round 8 Winner and Maintaining Confidence!

Last night Lindsay Sears came down to the press room after winning Round 8 on Martha. I asked her how she stays so confident on her horses. I said “When you have to run after someone makes a fall, how do you get to a point of being so mentally strong that you can really send your horse and not safety up?” Lindsay said “That is a great question that is one of those things I hope everybody takes in to consideration the weight of of something like that happening. It is serious and nobody wants to see that happen. For me, I love my horse and their well being is first and foremost, not that I backed off but I made sure she had her footing and that she was going to be safe. Here at the Finals they don’t have an opportunity to work the ground or figure out what went wrong, it is one of those deals that is hard. You have to have confidence in your horse and make the best decision for both you and your horse. I wish Sherry well and it looks like Stingray is alright, that is the most important.

About her Round 8 win, Sears said “Martha has been working great all week and I just had to wait it out and not get antsy, just be patient and it worked out tonight. I am super excited to win on Canadian Night and it is a huge for us. The ground is different this year, it is good but has a little more give to it. I had to change up a few things, I was having problems leaving the barrels so we changed some things with her back shoes these last two go rounds and it made a difference. She got her confidence back and she felt like Martha and we are looking forward to the last two go rounds. I used to get upset when things weren’t going well but it all works out in the end. You have to just trust your horse and yourself and forget what everyone else is telling you. Everyone is trying to give advice and tell you what to do and at the end of the day, you got here and you know how to do things and just do what you have done all year and wait it out and it will work out.”

Class act all the way!!

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