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Lisa Lockhart and Louie take the win in Round 9. Lisa talks about keeping him quiet in the Alley…Brought to you by Elusive Cowgirl


Lisa tells us about your run tonight:

It was highly disappointing hitting that barrel in in Round 8, I am a very competitive person and was just very determined to make it work tonight. Honestly he was a bit too close for comfort on that first barrel again and I actually felt like he worked better on Round 8 and it just didn’t work for us but it worked tonight. We have all made a lot of runs in here at this point in the game and it is definitely in the back of your mind that your horse may cheat the corner a little bit, so you are a cautious but ride to the best of your ability. We hit the barrel in Round 8 but I truly felt that is was an accident and he was just working good and it just feels great to win this round because my family is here and they weren’t on Monday when I won my first round for this Finals.


Lisa, Louie is always so quiet in the the alley. We have certainly seen some horses struggle with the alley this week, how do you keep him so calm and quiet?

Louie thrives on attention and reassurance. My husband or me petting on him is such a reassuring thing to him. He loves it. To be able to my have my husband in the alley with me for ten rounds to help me is just awesome, I couldn’t do it without him.