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NFR Barrel Racer Lisa Lockhart talks VEGAS!!

OTRR is very excited to have NFR Qualifier Lisa Lockhart take the time out of her busy life to answer our questions. We have been long time fans and are very much looking forward to watching her run down the alley at the Thomas and Mack! So lets get started….

First off you are no rookie to the National Finals Rodeo, what is one of the most exciting things you look forward to other than running down the alley at the Thomas & Mack?

To me, I look at the NFR totally from a business standpoint (boring I know), but it’s a thrill just having the opportunity of competing 10 days in row where the stakes are so high!  Everybody may look at it from a different perspective, and being the competitive person I am means I have a job to do….try my best to WIN.

Other than Louie, who else will be in your trailer as you haul in to Vegas (We assume Chisum is coming :))? Tell us about them.

Louie and Chisum are my team of horses this year.  Louie is 9 years old, and the best model of consistency I have ever ridden.  He gives me the same trip almost every time as long as I do my job right. It doesn’t matter if we are indoors or out, but he is the one I choose to ride indoors.  He is such a playful and happy horse, kind of like a class clown.  He is all business though when it’s time to go to work.   Chisum is now 14 years old, and a joy to ride.  Riding a horse for so many years gives you a great understanding of one another.  Chisum excels more outdoors in big arenas, although he can run indoors (is a NFR round winner).  He is very set in his ways and a “laid back” big boy, until he heads to the alley.  I refer to him as my “old faithful”.  They are both unique individuals in their personalities and styles.

Do you keep your horses on the grounds at the Thomas and Mack or off the grounds and why?

I keep my horses off the grounds while at Vegas.  My horses are used to being on the ranch and having a lot of turnout time.  Two weeks in stalls would have Louie climbing over the sides and Chisum would be way to crabby to even reason with.  I want them well rested, happy, and keep it as close to their home environment as possible.  It takes extra effort to haul in and out, but I feel that it is worth every bit of it.

Do you change anything at home when preparing to get your horses ready for ten rounds at the NFR (care, conditioning, etc)?

I don’t do anything different before the NFR than I would any other rodeo.  I stick to my routine as I feel that is what has been working, so why change it.  Barrel horses receive the best of care 365 days a year,  as they are our livelihood.

We will have much more from Lisa throughout the month of November for our “NFR Preview Interviews” be sure and check back!