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OTRR Chat: You Asked and We Answered!

Welcome to OTRR Chat! This is where I pick an email that I have received through the week and reply! I get a lot of questions through out the week and I thought “maybe someone else wants to know the answer too!” so here you go! If you have a question for me, email me at I always reply and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll try to find someone who does. Ok, let’s chat!

Hi Leigh!

 I love your weekly emails and look forward to them every Friday. My issue is that I really want to haul and want to be competitive, but sometimes I am so intimidated by what I don’t know, I just stay home. How do I overcome this and just get out there and have fun? Any helpful hints? Tips to help me?


Thank you so much for the kind words! I love emailing every week and I equally love hearing back from everyone. First off let me say that everyone has felt the EXACT same way that you feel. At times, we have all been scared, intimidated or anxious about something. So, just know that how you are feeling is something that everyone has dealt with, ok? I don’t know how long you’ve been receiving my emails so you may or may not know this but when Anne and I started barrel racing, we started from scratch! Some girls are super lucky, they grew up running barrels from before they could walk, but we grew up with teamropers and let me tell you….totally different! We then went on to ride polo horses so yes, we were out of our element and trust me, I understand what you are feeling. My insecurity was always pulling up to an event, and not to knowing anyone or even what to do…gosh, it makes me nervous just thinking about it! It was a whole new ball game but here is the deal, it was a game I desperately wanted to LEARN! After time you become less anxious and insecure about those things but guess what…you’ll probably become insecure or anxious about something else. Ha! That’s life! No one is immune to it…NO ONE! So just work on your issues as they rise and I mean actively work on them. Recognize what the true issue is and address it. Because remember this, that World Champion Barrel Racer you see warming up in the warm up pen…she is no different, she has her own insecurities about things too. Like I said, NO ONE is immune to it. Also remember this, our dreams come alive when we leave our comfort zone……so I encourage you to find a way to get past being intimidated and go enjoy the true thing your passionate about…YOU GOT THIS!!


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