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OTRR Talks to Fallon Taylor before Round 8!


We got to catch up with Fallon Taylor before Round 8, check out her outfit she is sporting tonight.

Fallon: “I am running Baby Flo tonight, I am wanting a round win, we are in the bottom of the average, but i am ready to go out there and really show my mare. I went out there and safety-ed  up last night and we were at the bottom of the ground. I really want to go out there and run a 13.5 tonight and win the round. We worked out our 3rd barrel issues and we are ready to go! I am kickin and whippin tonight”

What gave you the idea to run in blinkers?

“I trained Baby Flo in blinkers, she has a hard time as a young horse catching her leads and stuff, and she would always peel out and run hard. So this gave her a little help. I was raised by trainers around the race track, I take the blinkers everywhere with me. I actually trained in them every run before the NFR and for whatever reason took them off when I got here. I thought I may get some heat for running in them, then thought well all my wild outfits are getting so much heat I thought screw it, I am getting my blinkers out!”

We asked Fallon how she feels about the Razor shoes, and she said if they sold out tomorrow, she would buy every pair they have. She is a firm believer and says she has them on every competition horse she has.

Good Luck to Fallon tonight!! I saw the outfit first hand and ladies IT IS SMOKIN!