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PRCA Team Roper Ryan Motes talks Practice and Hard Work


Do you have a particular routine in the practice pen? Some people only rope so many off of their good horses and practice on other horses; do you do anything like this?

I start on my best ones and then rope on the younger ones later. I get my practice in first and then work with the younger horse. I just mostly exercise Starbucks (my good horse) and practice on him like once a month or before a big event.

Ryan, what horses are you hauling this year? Tell us a little bit about them.

CD Starbucks, he is 14 years old and in my opinion one of the best horses I have ever ridden. He doesn’t require much practice and is good in any situation. Everyone that has ridden him gets along well with him.  We raised him. He is by CD Olena out of a Grays Starlight mare. I also ride CD First Light (Goldie) an 8 year old bay mare. She is very quick, athletic and has a big stop on her. She is by CD Lights out of a Shorty Lena mare. We raised her as well.

Do you use any alternative therapies such as magnetic blankets, acupuncture, or chiro work on your horses?

Yes, we have a magnetic blanket by Classic Equine. Our horses usually go to a chiropractor whenever needed, once or twice a year. Also for the long trailer rides we use soft ride boots on the horse’s front feet.

In your opinion what makes people successful in rodeo?

Confidence and a big work ethic.

Do you have any role models that you reach out to for guidance?

I talk to a lot of my friends that heel. It is important to have a strong support system out here. I talk to my Dad, Clay Cooper, Kolin Von Ahn, and my mom.

What are you goals for the future?

To win the World.

Ryan, what advice would you give someone starting out roping with dreams of becoming a professional roper?

Get all the guidance you can and absorb everything you can from people that know what you are going through. We all started somewhere and nobody got to where they are now without lots and lots of practice.

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