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PRCA Team Roper Ryan Motes talks Roping Partners and Confidence

How are you feeling about your 2012 season?

Great, I have one of the best headers who also has one of the best horses. He can rope fast and he also jackpots great.

What do you look for in a roping partner?

I look for someone who has the same desires and work ethic as I do, Brock and I both want to be great equally as much. Good horsemanship and someone who is versatile and can win in any set up.

Rodeo is such a mental game, how do you stay focused?

Just take it run by run and you always need to know that you are going to catch the next one. Not looking back and dreading a miss. You just need to realize why you missed and fix it the next time.

 What advice would you give someone that has success in the practice pen, but falls apart at a rodeo or roping?

 Most of the time they need more experience. The more roping you go to the more comfortable you will be and the more confident you can be. Everyone has been there and went through it.

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