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PRCA Team Roper Ryan Motes talks to OTRR about tying the World Record!

Ryan, tell OTRR a little bit about how you got started roping?

My Dad ropes so I grew up around it and roped as a kid.

How long have you been rodeoing?

My rookie year was 2001. I was lucky enough to rope with my dad the first three years of my career.

The conditions must have been perfect that day for you to tie the world record with Brock Hanson at the Nacogdoches Pro Rodeo, talk to us about the go.

We had a good steer, Brock got a great start and had the loop on him fast. The steer was fading to the left just a bit and he handled it great. I heeled him up around the hips and it came tight quick.

Tying that record, you must have been on top of the world, tell us how you felt.  

It’s amazing how it felt. It is pretty cool to have the title now and to hear how many people have got to watch the run on Facebook or the internet and just how quick news travels. We hadn’t left the arena and our phones were blowing up with people from everywhere.

Stay tuned………much more from Ryan in the next couple of weeks!