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Winners can say NO: This is a big one, because often you hear people say “well I have to do this tonight, even though I have no desire to go”.. so don’t go. Yes, I know there are going to be times in life when we HAVE to go, but don’t waste time on doing stuff that absolutely isn’t necessary. Try hard not to get sucked down that road. There are many times when I have been out thinking to myself “I could be at home marking this off the list”. Make those important things a priority. It’s not selfish, it’s beneficial to your goals.

Winners make Goals: Not very many people that are successful just wing it. They have a clear vision, they put it down on paper, they focus on it and they accomplish it. Do you have have your goals on a piece of paper? If not.. take out some paper now and write then down. It’s important to zero in on what you desire in life. Floating through with no clear cut plan is fine for some people, however it doesn’t normally breed success. (the perfect planner)

Winners Don’t focus on Opinions: This is a big one, because honestly when you are focused on your goals and your life, you don’t have time to care about other peoples opinions. People that are constantly concerned with what other people are doing, or what other people think of them, aren’t busy enough. Get busy building your life, grind daily on your own goals and all that other crap will just wither away.

Winners Roll with Change: This is very true, you won’t be on the top all the time, winners realize this and are able to adjust accordingly. Winners realize that everything is constantly changing and they progress with the changes. Don’t be a person who can’t handle change and refuses to adapt. If you wait to long to make changes, most likely you will miss an opportunity and you will fall behind.

Winners know the meaning of Humility: This is a huge one and to me very important. Winners let their success speak for themselves and are constantly trying to increase their knowledge. No one “knows it all” and if you find someone who “believes” they do.. they will not be on top for long. Winners don’t talk constantly they listen! There is nothing worse than being around someone who brags constantly about their achievements and with social media today you can easily spot those people a mile away. They are forever boastful, which isn’t a quality real winners have, humble people don’t need to brag.

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