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Real Priorities Hold Us Accountable…


I hear a lot of people (me included) trying to figure out how to “fit it all in”. We all come to a point where we must make a list of our top priorities. Then we have to learn to say no when anything interrupts that list. If you goal is to make the Circuit Finals then you are going to have to commit to riding more than once a week. If you want to be a great saddle bronc rider, you have to get in shape and get in the practice pen. Learning which goals drive you is wonderful, but then you have to make them a priority. This is where the planning and work comes into play. Get out a calendar and make a plan! Then when you have the calendar set.. here is the hard part.. learn to say NO when something interferes with your plan. I think that is the hardest part for some people is saying NO to interruptions, thinking you can put off one practice, or gym session, etc.. Sometimes all the work to accomplish your goal isnt fun or your favorite part, but without those steps you won’t be successful. The daily riding isnt always the fun part, but when you send your horse down the alley, the hard work should be done.

This comes with any goal you have made a priority. If you plan to get in better shape, eat heatlhy and go to the gym and then never really follow through, how can you be upset when you step on the scale. Sometimes you also have to take a real honest look at what you are trying to accomplish because if you arent putting in the work, is it really a priority? Or are you just getting sidetracked and need to make some changes?

Remember your friends, coworkers, or family may not understand the importance of your goal and why you have made it such a priority. That is okay because all they need to know is it is important to you.

Setting a monthly deadline is a great way to stay on track. With animals our deadlines dont always workout, since there are many things out of our control. However you can still set one and work hard toward it. I think deadlines are important in many aspects of life, if you stick to them they hold us accountable.

Have you made your goals a priority? 

Anne Walkup – OTRR