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Rodeo Wife and Barrel Racer Wendy Suhn is back!


Do you both motivate one another?

I would say so.  I wouldn’t say we are super outspoken and yell for one another during our events and high five afterwards, but we do motivate one another.  For instance, it means a lot to me and motivates me to keep working at it when Todd simply says my colt looks good when I go around the barrels.  I would also say we motivate each other just by taking turns watching the kids so each of us can spend some time practicing and doing what we need to do with our horses.   It means we can put aside some time for one another so the other person can concentrate on what they need and want to do.

Being a rodeo wife, what are some of the new adventures you have faced with being a competitor yourself?

Well I was never a “barrel racer” growing up.  I roped mostly and running barrels was not really an event  I knew much about.  I used to think “oh, it’s all the horse!”  Boy was I wrong!!  After Todd and I got married was when I really started to put some effort into barrel racing and really learn what the heck I was doing.  I had a LOT of help from a LOT of people and I appreciate every piece of advice I was given.  I am still learning every day so I would say each day or jackpot I go to is an adventure.  Especially if I try to take the kids with me!  HA!!  I would say just being able to travel with Todd and the kids and maybe hit a jackpot here and there on the road is still an adventure to me.

Wendy, what horses do you have in the trailer this year?

I have a 10 yr old sorrel gelding that is Dash For Cash bred that I have done decent on the past few years at the jackpot level.  My rodeo hopeful is a 6 year old A Streak Of Fling mare that I raised out of my old barrel mare that I lost to colic complications back in ’07.  “Sheba” is a handful but has a lot of talent and ability and I am really excited about her.  I also have a 4 yr old mare and a yearling filly by A Lions Share of Fame, which is a son of Dash Ta Fame, and out of a mare I own, as well as a 3 yr old gelding and a 2 yr old stud colt by  A Streak Of Fling.  So I have plenty of horses to put in the trailer!

Since you and Todd are both involved in horses, do you all ever have differences in your views on training, conditioning, etc?

Oh I don’t thing we really have different views of training – more like different areas we like to participate in.  I like to mess with the young horses after they have had 30 days on them – I let someone else start them as I’m not that experienced in that part.  After we get them back I’ll have Todd ride them a week or so just so I know they are OK and not going to buck me off and then I like to mess with them on the flexing and taking their leads, and on from there.  Todd likes to rope on them and start them on cattle.  We both really like to ride our colts in the pasture on cattle and brand on them once we go back up to SD in the summer. It is so good for them.

As for conditioning, I do think I spend more time on that than Todd.  I usually try to ride mine every day either on the barrels or just long trotting.  I really try to haul mine to jackpots as much as I can to help season them.  Todd’s horses are a lot more finished than mine so he’ll just put his on the walker or long trot his if he isn’t practicing or at a rodeo.

What do you and Todd like to do when you are not at a rodeo?

Well, pre-kid, we went to a lot of movies and did a lot of stuff I honestly can’t even remember!!  All I can say is we must have been pretty lazy back then!!  Ha!!  When we are in TX in the winter I try to ride as much as I can and go to jackpots.  We have owned a few places down here in TX over the past 6 or so years we’ve been here so we’ve always been busy making improvements to them.  And if we aren’t doing that we’ll hang out with friends.   Todd loves to hunt and fish so when we are in SD in the spring/summer, he does that as much as he can.  We also have cattle up in SD so when we are up there in the summers we help neighbors ride and brand, etc.  And we are still building and trying to get that place set up with an arena….

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