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Rodeo Wife Heather Jo….After meeting Alex life for me changed dramatically

Me, Sophie Anne, Alex, and our haze horse TJ at this year’s Spanish Fork Rodeo.


It’s crazy to think back to five years ago when Alex and I met. Besides both of us being human, I’m not sure we had much in common. Alex had lived away from his parents for a few years, had attended a community college in Walla Walla, WA.  He spent a couple of years living in Idaho, amateur and professionally rodeod, and was pretty happily set in his lifestyle of being an on the road cowboy.  As for me, I’d lived with my parents my entire life, had commuted to Provo, UT for Cosmetology school, and had stayed right there in my home county working three separate jobs, and playing city league sports.  Let’s just put it this way, after meeting Alex life for me changed dramatically!

We spent the first six months of our relationship texting and talking over the phone.  We had some outrageous cell phone bills!  We  were able to meet in person a couple of times in those first six months.  Once January rolled around we decided the relationship was worth pursuing more.  After that I started taking time off from my three jobs and flying out to whatever rodeo Alex was performing in at that time.  I eventually quit my jobs and relocated to Bend Oregon.  That was probably the biggest adjustment into Alex’s life for me.  Leaving behind my home town and my family.  However, Alex has always been so supportive of me going back and visiting my family, A LOT, that I really can’t complain.  Other than that we just needed time to adjust our personalities to be able to survive each other!  But then I’d say that goes for any couple trying to make it in this world!

I’ll never forget my first rodeo experience with Alex!  I met up with him in San Antonio, TX, the rodeo there is such a different type of production then my home town rodeo.  I was absolutely amazed!  To this day the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo remains one of my favorite rodeos to attend.  I remember being so excited, yet so out of place at the same time.  The rodeo world, like I’ve said before, is like one big family and it took me a while to be comfortable in it.  Once I got the hang of being a cowboy’s girlfriend, and later on a rodeo wife, I have come to enjoy the rodeo lifestyle and people a lot!
Everything I thought I knew about rodeo was either wrong or totally an understatement.  The rodeo lifestyle is pretty crazy at times.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to stay unemployed and travel with Alex.  The road trips have been far, long, tireing, and sometimes not a lot of down time in between.  I’ve got to drive all over, and I literally mean DRIVE ALL OVER, the Western United States, and got to see many wonderful beautiful places.  Not many people I know would complain about that!   As far as adjusting into Alex’s lifestyle, well that wasn’t hard, in many ways it was like taking a vacation, a long vacation.  Once we were married it got a little bit harder, dealing with home stuff like bills etc. from on the road.  But, like always where there is a will there is a way, and we’ve done what we could to keep Alex on the road rodeoing. 
Our new adventure is adjusting to the rodeo life with a baby!  Sophie Anne and I have went to all of the  July Utah rodeos we could get to to see Alex.  I do believe our little Sophie Anne is starting to enjoy the rodeos more and more, she now even wakes up to watch some of the performances!  Besides rodeos us girls have just been hanging out in Utah, soaking up all of the time we can with my family! Counting down until all of the North West rodeos this Fall.  Hopefully, we’ll soon get to experience some rodeo hauls as a family!

I can’t say there are many complaints about our rodeo life.  It does get hard at times, when we can’t be together as a family, but sometimes that is just life.  Overall I don’t think Alex or I would change a thing, and honestly why would we things have been pretty sweet since we met!