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Rodeo Wife Heather Jo is back…. Rodeo life can be so unpredictable… You’ve got to LOVE IT!

Our 2011 Rodeo Year has wrapped up!!  With only circuit finals left for Alex we are looking forward to lots of family time this Fall at the homestead!!

This year was much crazier than past years since we added our daughter, Sophie Anne, to the mix.  Looking back over the last six months I am amazed at how easy motherhood turned out to be for me, at least this far.  The biggest trial so far has been parenting with a rodeo cowboy, sometimes with states in between us.  There were many times I felt like a single mother, a lot of nights spent with Alex on the road away from us.  I really can’t complain too much, for the most part it was harder for Alex to be away from his family than it was for me to be taking care of our daughter’s daily needs by myself.  Sophie Anne has, this far, been such an easy baby.   It has been wonderful that I am a stay at home mother, this gives us the opportunity to travel between home, Utah, and wherever Alex was at the time.  I can’t even imagine if both Alex and I competed in rodeos!  I have to give credit to those families that have both parents trying to make it as a rodeo cowboy/cowgirl.  For me, I think it is probably much easier for one of the parents to be more grounded, a stay at home parent.  I do not envy those families that spend the majority of their year out on the road as a family, living out of a trailer.  Before parenthood that was me, I went everywhere with Alex, and I did love every minute of it!  However, put a baby in the mix and for our family, we are probably more sane than we would be if Sophie Anne and I were constant travel partners for Alex! 

It has been a hectic last few weeks!  With a good 2nd place finish at Ellensburg WA.,  Alex jumped up in the Million Dollar Tour standings and was able to go compete in Puyallup WA. for the playoffs , he also jumped in the Columbia River Circuit standings.  Puyallup didn’t go as well as we had hoped, but a following rodeo gave Alex a small lead in the C.R.C., heading him into circuit finals in first place. 

Sophie Anne and I hit the road and met up with Alex in Pendleton.   Sophie Anne got to experience her first “Round Up”!  It is fun to take her to some of the World Famous Rodeos!

We are really excited for Fall and Winter and all of the Holidays.  Although Alex 2011 rodeo season has wrapped up, like many of you other rodeo families know, the 2012 season will be starting soon.  I am interested to see where some of the rodeos go for the 2012 season, and what changes will be made in the PRCA.  As for us,  plans for traveling partners, rodeo schedules, and when Sophie Anne and I plan to meet up with Alex on the road are well under way.  Of course, the plans will probably change a million times between now and then…….rodeo life can be so unpredictable!  You’ve got to LOVE IT!!!