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Rodeo Wife Lindsay Branquinho…. We aren’t just all baby boys and bulldoggers around here

Geesh, where did July go?! I know I sound like a broken record but yet again another busy busy month! Luke was in and out for a couple days after the 4th and then the boys and I made the trip up to Salinas to see him, which was a really great time. Cade is in heaven anytime there are that many cowboys in one place, and it it so amazing just to watch him go be ‘one of the guys’. The second half of July was fairly slow for Luke; he won a little up at Calgary, and also won pretty good at Nampa, ID, but I think that was about it …. I hope so at least because it would be embarrassing if I had forgotten something! There were some big rodeos this month, like Salinas and Cheyenne but Luke didn’t fair too well at either. Spyderman is slowly but surely on the mend and will hopefully be back in tip top shape for the final big rodeo run of the year up in the Northwest. I’m happy to report that everyone else seems to be healing up quite nicely as well!

But, you know, we aren’t just all baby boys and bulldoggers around here. Nope! There have been some pretty exciting additions to barrel horse side of our equine family this year as well, plus some more on the way. One of my favorite mares, whom is affectionately referred to as Lola, was sort of out of a job when we decided to have Jameson; so what better thing to do than for she and I to be pregnant at the same time (but thank goodness I was pregnant as long as she was)!

Lindsay and Lola Denver Stock Show

She has Special Effort on the top side, and Bugs Alive in 75 on the bottom, on her papers and we were fortunate enough to have had the chance to breed her to the late and absolutely amazing, Dash Ta Fame. She had a stud colt this spring, and he makes my toes tingle! I’m obviously totally biased but he’s a pretty special little guy. We call him Harvey (aka The Famous Harvey Wallbanger), and let me tell you, he just can’t grow up fast enough. I am positively itching to get my hands on him. We have now bred her back, and are expecting a fancy little Frenchman’s Guy foal late next spring.

Lola and Harvey

My dad also has a pretty nice little stable of young horses, roughly  between 2-5 years old, including a pretty cool little Streak of Fling futurity filly. I have a younger sister that runs barrels as well, and we joke all the time that there is going to be quite the rumble between the two of us over these horses when the time comes! Wanna take bets now?

July was very special because Jameson’s very first birthday was on the 15th. The boys and I went out to Prescott  to celebrate and spend some time with my family. We had a great party that was Seussically inspired, and of course great friends that came out to help celebrate.

My mom, all three of my beautiful sisters, and one VERY patient brother in law (who let me take over his house, and staple things to his ceiling) all pitched in to pull it together. I am constantly grateful for all the people I have in my life that do whatever they can to help when Luke is on the road.

 I am sure I would be a half crazy mess if it wasn’t for the love and graciousness of all these special people.  Of course there will be a whole lot more great pictures from Jamie’s party on the Facebook fan page for Bluebird Cotillion…. Which, as I write that, reminds me; the business underwent a bit of a name upgrade as you can see, in an effort to avoid any confusion in the future about who is who! With two parties on the books for August and some other really amazing opportunities coming our way, sounds like another busy month is upon us!

All Party Photos  Courtesy of Amanda Greenway Photography