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Rodeo Wife Lindsay Branquinho…. I feel up to the challenge

Well, June turned out to be such a busy month for us that I seemed to have missed it all together! It started out with one party, and ended with another … everyone loves a party right?! June 7th was Cade’s 3rd birthday; we had a huge party and such fun! Then on the 26th there was a post wedding brunch held at a gorgeous private ranch in Santa Ynez, styled and organized by Bluebird Productions … yours truly!

Photo Courtesy of Meg Fish Photography

It hosted over 160 guests, which made it the biggest party I have been solely responsible for, to date! The Hostess wanted it to have a western feel with a Mexican flair as those things hold a special significance to her and her family; and that I could do! I have to say that events of that scale can be a bit intimidating, but all things considered it went off amazingly well!  Of course it wasn’t without few bumps (some nights I still wake up in a sweat over the flowers..) but in the end I was so pleased with the final product. Thank goodness for my wonderful friends and mother who worked so hard helping me execute, which was no easy feat! We did all; from installation, to hand painted signs, custom built and branded wood boxes, horseshoe favors for every guest, all the flowers, and a lot of the food. Whew, I just got tired again thinking about it! I also felt very lucky to have been given the chance to be a part of such a beautiful, and special occasion as this.

Starting Bluebird Productions, has really been an amazing opportunity for me. Throwing parties, and helping others with them, has always been something I found a lot of joy in doing. I think I come by it honestly, I can still remember the parties my mom had for as kids; nothing short of amazing, and both my sisters have quite the knack themselves! So, to be provided with the chance to do so in a professional capacity now, has me feeling really blessed. There is a lot of pressure to deliver, knowing that each event I work on is a really special occasion to my client and that I am taking on the responsibility to convey all their happiness and make it memorable. I feel like I’m up to that challenge though, and it’s a dream come true to have found a viable way to express my creativity!

I have a website under construction, , and there should be a corresponding blog up in the next few weeks where you can keep up to date on all things Bluebird! I am also getting things rolling on our Facebook page; you can go here to “like” it to see lots more pictures from this and future parties! Now all I need is 7 extra hours in the day…

Wedding Photos Courtesy of Photography by Jeremy

June was also a pretty great month for Luke on the rodeo side of things. He won checks at Santa Maria, Central Point, Window Rock, Innisfail, and Reno. As you also saw from Heather Jo’s blog, he was fortunate enough to have won the Shootout they put on up there. I would like to thank them for all of the hard work they did to put on such a great event, I’m sure it’s a huge undertaking and I heard all great things about it! He won a very cool gun belt … maybe I can get him to pose for a picture (hehe!)
As June was winding down and the guys were all gearing up for their big run over the 4th, I hate to say it but things took a bit of a nose dive… Of course I had just said in my last entry how thankful we had been feeling for everyone’s health and good fortune, well I must have forgot to knock on wood cause it didn’t last long! First off, Spyderman just started having one problem after another which maddeningly was a total mystery. This threw a HUGE kink into Luke’s travel plans as he has been Luke’s main mount all year, and they had entered rodeos counting on him to be there. Sadly, they had to leave him at home so that our great vets could figure out just what was wrong. We still aren’t really sure, though things are looking up.

Then, not one, but two, of Luke’s traveling partners got hurt! Stan Branco partially tore his bicep and was told at Reno he would be out for 10 days. Luckily it wasn’t longer, but such a bummer to have to miss out on the big week they had anticipated. Poor Les Shepperson, broke his shin and damaged his knee at Reno, which has him sidelined for 6 weeks I believe. I just felt so bad for them both as they had both been having such a great year. Throw in a whole TON of truck trouble, a poor flag call at Reno, and I think Luke was wondering when lightening was going to strike.

It’s times like these when I think Luke’s amazing attitude really comes into play. If it had been me, I probably would have wanted to throw in the towel, but not Luke! He let it bother him for about 5 minutes and then he threw his energy into making a new game plan! It’s this resilience, and positive mind set that he maintains pretty much all the time. I admire it so much, and he has really taught me a thing or two about what it means to make the most of any situation. Just another reason to love him!

It makes me very, very happy to be able to report that despite all the chaos and last minute switch-a-roos he encountered, he pulled off a very good 4th of July rodeo run. He was able to win Greeley, and place at Livingston, St. Paul, and Cody. He says he thinks he won somewhere around $16,000 for the week. He pretty much always thinks he could have done better, but I’m very proud of him. standings show that he has just over $73,000 won for the year now. I have to mention also, that if it hadn’t been for Les and Stan sticking it out with Luke and pitching in he wouldn’t have made it through the week. Despite being hurt and unable to compete themselves they both drove rigs, got horses where they needed to be, and Luke rode Les’ two horses just about everywhere he went. I know Luke really appreciated it, and he is very lucky to have friends like that.

As Luke heads off to Calgary and beyond in the next few weeks, the boys and I will be going to Prescott (AZ) to spend some time with my family and celebrate Jameson’s 1st birthday!! Here’s to a month of big rodeos and big days! And hopefully much healthier cowboys! I’m going to knock on wood right now….