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Round 8 Winner Sherry Cervi talks Stingray and Preparing for the Finals


Photos provided by Hubble Rodeo Photos

OTRR had a chance to speak with Sherry in the media room. She was first out last night and won with a 13.71.

Stingray has such a distinctive style of always keeping forward motion around the barrels, is this something you feel you train or is this just her style?

That is really kind of just her, Hawk ran that way, he never stopped moving, his feet were like 4 wheel drive. You know I like that feeling and would love to be able to say that I trained her to feel that way, but she wants to do that naturally.

Do you prefer that type of style around the barrels?

I dont have a style, I do start them all the same, and work them slow the same, but I feel like you have to let them develop their own style. Obviously there are a few styles I would prefer not to ride, but Stingray has a really cool style.


As far as motivation do you have any changes you make to prepare for the Finals, or do you continue to do what you have done all season? 

You know, I don’t change much because I ride theses horses every single day, but right before the Finals I will stop riding so many colts and concentrate more on just Stingray. Not that I just have to exercise her but I will stop doing so much training, and go to some jackpots and really get into that competition mode. You can’t come here and train, you have to let everything hang out here, so I will do those things. You just have to keep doing what you have done all season to get yourself here and again I ride every single day.

Do you feel this is one of your best Finals, you have placed in every round so far?

It is definitely up there, I do still have 2 rounds and I need to go in there and finish it.

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