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It’s not possible to have upbeat motivating days.. every single day. However, it’s the days that test you, that you have to push the hardest. You will be thankful later down the road that you stuck with your plan once you accomplish your goal.

We have been blessed to talk to many professional cowgirls and one of the top things we always want to talk about is how they stay motivated. We are going to go back to a few interviews and highlight what some of them have said about being motivated. When I look back on some of these interviews one of the first ones that comes to mind is NFR Qualifier Lee Ann Rust. She had an amazing mindset at the 2012 NFR and it was a privileged to get to chat with her.

“I want to be in control of how I see things.  I don’t watch TV, I don’t listen to the radio, very few songs I like, because once you break them down they aren’t uplifting. I want ALL positive, the more positive I can put in, the more positive I can spew out. I have GOT to be positive or I can’t do this.” – Lee Ann Rust (read interview here)

We did a entry a few years ago with 4 steps on how to stay motivated.  One of those steps is not to procrastinate, which I have learned is so important. The things most people want to put off are normally important steps in the process of being prepared and having motivation. For example if you put off cleaning stalls because you hate doing it, well then that turns into dreading going to the barn, because you know you have to eventually do it. If you clean your stalls daily, that is one less thing that hinders your motivation to be at the barn. Every little step adds up and you will find success when you don’t skip steps.

Another great way to stay motivated is to keep up with your fitness. Many, many, many girls we have interviewed that are on the top, consistently work out and eat right. It’s a proven fact when you feel good about your fitness and your health, you will be a much more motivated person. Anyone who reads our newsletters know we work out a lot. A body in motion continues to stay in motion.. that is absolutely the truth. I love having motivational stuff all around me and this is perfect for the road or for everyday!

Stevi Hillman and Heather Smith both talk about how important their health is.

Reading is a wonderful way to stay motivated. I think conditioning your mind to find the positive is a way to stay motivated. World Champion Sherry Cervi is a huge fan of the book Mind Gym. She keeps a copy in her trailer. I love this book because it really is about the mental aspect of sports. A fun fact about Sherry is she loves her coffee and will go out of her way for a Starbucks. I enjoy having my favorite coffee cups in my trailer because they make me smile and it’s a great way to start the day. How cute is this one! 

The one thing about motivation is it 100% starts with us. Someone can sit around and try to talk you into “being motivated” but you have to want it and you have to work at finding what works for you. For me, I love writing down my goals and working in my planner motivates me. Everyday I get to write down what I have accomplished and that is very motivating! This is my favorite planner because it revolves around goals and accomplishments.

Now this isn’t motivational but I tell you what, if you make anything out of this cookbook it will motivate everyone in your house to come to the kitchen and eat! I never ever met a biscuit I didn’t like and like we say in my house………..Anytime is biscuit time. You can enjoy anything in moderation!


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