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The Confidence Battle…


This is a topic I am familiar with and I think many others are as well. Confidence is something I work on and it can change daily depending on the situation. I can go out and have great runs and I become more and more confident in my horse and I and feel like we can run in any pen! Then there comes the setback, which can be mental or physical, and sometimes it can be both. Sometimes it can be you or it can be your horse, however either can cause your confidence to go down.

Confidence is a very tricky thing and can be very hard to keep however that is part of the game. Any part of competition has ups and downs and our mental game will go up and down as well. Your mental game can also change depending on the horse you are riding. You may have your main mount that you always have your game face on,  and your young horse you may still be questioning.

You can set out for your run on your main mount and something go wrong and next time your confidence may be completely depleted. This is the time to regroup and take your time to get your mental game where you want it to be. There is nothing wrong with working your mind back to where it needs to be. Some will be able to get right back on, make a run and not think a thing about it. Some may have to really be pushed out of their comfort zone to get back to that solid foundation of faith. Find the way that works best for you and work toward that goal.

Anne Walkup-OTRR