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Throw Away the Timelines


Don’t you love to set a goal and then BAM, you feel like a million bucks when you accomplish it? My sister and I did JUST that last week!  We set a goal years ago and we both worked hard every day to make that dream come true and last week…….we accomplished it! Pat on the back for us! It really is an amazing feeling.

In reaching that goal, it got me thinking about benchmarks and timelines in our life. Benchmarks in life can be tricky. I think society showcases certain life goals that people believe they should be reaching. You know like, marriage, kids, good job, great house, blah, blah, blah. A lot of people think they should strive for those things AND reach them in a certain time frame. I never was one to care about those timelines in life. I always just moved at my own pace but I can see how easy it is to put pressure on yourself to hit those marks and in doing that, it is also easy to get down on yourself.

Putting pressure on ourselves to hit special benchmarks happens in our barrel racing as well. I see it happen all the time and honestly, I’ve felt it too. For example, you buy a young horse and start working with it in hopes of hitting some futurities. Next thing you know, you’re behind. You haul to a local arena and “Susie” has her up and coming futurity colt loping the pattern like he came out of the womb doing it. Meanwhile, your colt is jumping side ways and running backwards acting like this is the first time he has seen the inside of an arena. Can you feel it…you know…THE PRESSURE? Of course you can and guess who else can feel it?? YOUR COLT! But I’m going to let you in on a little secret…you don’t know Susie’s story and guess what…you don’t need to. Susie may have an overly gifted colt, or she has busted her tail to get him ready, who knows and who cares?! The point is, your timeline is your timeline. It’s easy to get in to the “compare game” when you are in a competitive sport. When you are competitive, you ALWAYS want more! Right? I mean, if you run a 17.1 on a standard pattern, the next time you run, you want a 17.0! That is just how our brains work. However, you do YOU. Don’t compare your grit and determination to someone else’s outcome. Just because it may take you longer to reach a certain goal, doesn’t make it less rewarding!

So basically what I am saying is this….don’t worry about your benchmarks and your timelines. If I had went by what everyone else THOUGHT my timeline should be, then I would have never made it to be self employed, never barrel raced and never met my husband. That’s the absolute truth! Don’t stress yourself out because you aren’t where you thought you would be with your barrel racing or your life. No one needs that kind of pressure. SERIOUSLY! Set goals, put your head down and work hard and let it work its self out. You are supposed to enjoy your life and comparing your achievements with others, is not where happiness lies. Happiness is within YOU and the quicker you give up the restraints of benchmarks and be free to do WHAT you like WHEN you like and HOW you like…the happier you will be….I promise!

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