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Todd Suhn is back… Simple Fact is I love to Bulldog

What horses are in your trailer this year?

 Maximus is our mainstay mount so far, and the hazing horse is Roadblock.  I have a green horse named Tucson that is making a strong comeback from an injury.  We have won good  on him in the past also, and could use him when our schedule calls for it. 

Being on the road I am sure is filled with ups and downs, what keeps you motivated?

 I would say it is the simple fact that I love to bulldog!  I like the challenge of making and hauling my own horses, and all the success I’ve had is that much sweeter because of the way I feel when I can make and win on a horse. That to me is the cowboy way.  My uncle Brady told me this spring that his dad, my late Grandpa Rinehart, who is also Jake Rineharts grandpa, told Brady “Todd has become a self-made man.”  That meant a lot to me to hear that from a great man like him.   So it’s a drive that goes deep, much deeper than money or glory!

Since steer wrestling is your event of choice, do you participate in any other events?

Not lately, I used to donate in the calf roping, back when that’s what they called it!  I team rope very little, but will probably do it more when the kids get older.

Do you do any alternative therapies with your horses, as in swimming, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc?

I have done all these at different times, and seen good results as well as no differences with all, depending on the case.  I do believe they all have their place, and are useful. 

How did you get started in rodeo? Have you always been a steer wrestler?

 We started in 4H rodeos when I was 8, and have been doing some form of rodeo since.  Calf roping was my first love, then bull dogging replaced it. 

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We will have more with Todd Suhn next week!