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When Things Go Wrong….

Life isn’t perfect and sometimes our plans don’t work out.. here are 5 things to remember when things go wrong.

Nothing Last Forever: We all know that life can change in an instant and we need to remember that when things aren’t going our way. Sometimes we have a vision for our goals and we lay out all the plans and it all falls apart. Embrace the good, cause it won’t last and push through the bad, it won’t last either. Everyday is a chance for a new beginning, put it behind you and start again.  The plan may be altered and the path may have changed, but the goal is still the same.

No Action, No Change: Life is about trying things, getting out of our comfort zones and embracing change. Without action nothing changes and you settle for the same daily routine. This is so apparent with goals, you will never accomplish goals without making changes and taking action. So when things fall apart, regroup and act. Time to find a new path, but its never a reason to give up. Take what you have learned and come back stronger and ready to your journey.


Embrace Your Scars: Scars are signs you’re trying! Show them off with pride.. and even though they may represent a set back, they are also your platform for an amazing comeback. Take those lessons and proudly move forward! There isn’t a winner among us, who doesn’t have scars to show. You have survived and have something to show for it, they will be the story behind your success.

Push Pause: When things fall apart, take a breath and evaluate the situation. Goals don’t need to be rushed to be accomplished and there is more than one path to your destination. Taking time is definitely allowed and also very needed. Taking a mental and physical break sometimes allows us to see the bigger picture, something we have been missing. This is a great time to reflect!

Control the Can:  Some things are always within our control and when things are going wrong this is where your focus should land. Don’t allow yourself to become emotionally attached to the things you can’t change or fix. This includes being around negativity in anyway. Focus on the what you can fix, change, improve and start there. Things may never work out perfectly, however moving on will put you on the path to your next victory.